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The Best Succulents For Your Interior Plant Maintenance in Philadelphia

    Interior Plant


    The Best Succulents For Your Interior Plant Maintenance in Philadelphia


    When adding plants to the interior aesthetic of your home or office, succulents might be the best choice not only for their aesthetic value but also for the easy-care plans and medicinal values.


    Here are some great choices for succulents for your interior plant:


    Burro’s Tail

    With its overlapping gray, green, and sometimes blue leaves, this plant, native to Mexico, thrives in a hanging basket environment with leaves that can grow up to three feet in length. When growing a Burro’s Tail succulent in your home or office, it is best to plant it in a hanging basket in a medium to the high light environment. The best way to care for the burro’s tail is to let the soil dry out between watering as this plant thrives when its soil is on the dry side (and only fertilized once in the summer).

    Note that the Burro’s Tail plant’s leaves are very fragile and with the slightest touch will fall off the plant so it is best to place this plant in a place where it will encounter minimal disturbances from passersby or plants.


    Christmas Cactus

    The Christmas Cactus is a plant that is very easy to grow, making it the perfect addition to any indoor garden. These plants thrive indoors and keep their blooms for an extended period. The Christmas Cactus’ natural habitat is in the rainforests of Brazil, preferring a humid climate, which means that, unlike most cacti, the Christmas Cactus should be watered. The Christmas cacti have flattened leaves with rounded teeth, and are overlaid with a mix of elongated pink and white blooms.


    interior christmas cactus plants


    Despite being native to the rainforest, the Christmas Cactus is still a cactus, and thus to grow best should be allowed for the top 2 inches of its soil to dry between watering and should be kept drier in the winter. It requires medium to high light and should be fertilized three times in the summertime using 10:30:10 fertilizer to promote the plant’s flower blooms. For bud formation in the fall, the plant should be kept in a space where the temperature is 55-degrees Fahrenheit.


    Aloe Vera

    Another succulent plant that is easy to care for in your indoor garden installation is the Aloe Vera plant, also known as the “medicine plant.” Aloe Vera is world-renowned for its strong medicinal attributes and has been used as a healing plant for centuries to treat wounds and sunburns. It is also an incredible moisturizer and skin protectant due to its vitamin and Acemannan content.

    It also has numerous nutritional properties that make it an incredible superfood. The Aloe Vera plant thrives in virtually any condition, growing equally well both in indoor and outdoor conditions. Like many other succulents, Aloe Vera’s plant soil should be dried out between watering. The Aloe Vera plant thrives in direct sunlight and should be fertilized three times in the summertime with a 10:10:10 fertilizer to ensure optimal growth.


    Panda Plant

    A native plant of Madagascar, the Panda Plant is among the most common of the Kalanchoe plants and is grown strictly for its foliage. The panda plant has small, soft, and fuzzy silver hairs, which give it a blue/grey appearance. As for many other succulents, the Panda Plant should be allowed for 2 inches of soil to dry out in the summer months and should be allowed to dry out before watering in the winter months. It should be fertilized three times in the summer months with 10:10:10 fertilizer to allow for optimal growth.


    From the Aloe Vera to the Panda plant, succulents interior plants are the perfect addition to any indoor plant installation. For help with your interior plant maintenance in Philadelphia contact Plantscapes U.S.A for all of your greenery needs. Visit us online for more information!

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