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The Most Common Weight Loss Slip-Ups Dietitians Witness



    The Most Common Weight Loss Slip-Ups Dietitians Witness


    Trying to lose weight can be a quite a battle. You may follow a strict diet plan, consume well balanced meals, exercise regularly and still not see any visible results. The catch lies in figuring out where you fall short in your journey towards weight loss. Once you know about the kind of blunders you make, keeping a safe distance from them is easy. Here are a few of the most common weight loss slip-ups dietitians usually come across. Maybe it can help you decipher where your weakness lies too.

    Substituting Proper Meals with Liquids-

    Even though smoothies and green juices are gaining a massive fan following, they cannot replace meals altogether. This is because these liquids do not necessarily come with the right blend of essential nutrients. Smoothies may contain too many calories since they are loaded with sweeteners, juice and too much of fruits. Juices also do not come with adequate protein and fibre. Protein and fibre are essential for your body and help in keeping you satiated.

    Ditching Eating Healthy During the Weekends-

    Consult any top dietitian in India and s/he will tell you that you cannot really take weekends off from your diet. This does not mean you must say no to all comfort foods and aerated drinks. Simply being watchful of how much you are eating and drinking goes a long way. See that you do not stuff yourself mindlessly or else it can wreck havoc with the hard work you have put in all throughout the week.

    Staying Away from an Entire Food Group-

    Many individuals avoid an entire food group (such as meats or carbs) in an attempt to lose weight. As a result, you are following an unbalanced diet. This can also cause deficiencies in specific nutrients. You cannot possibly continue with this routine for your entire life since this won’t really work out in the long run.

    Crying Over what you cannot Eat-

    When you set off on your journey towards weight loss, you cannot afford to have any distractions in your path. Focusing and cribbing over what you cannot eat such as sugar, cheese, bread, alcohol or dessert is certainly not the way to go about on this path. Rather than doing this, channel your energy into what you can actually eat. Make a note of all of the filling and nourishing superfoods you can consume and plan your diet accordingly.

    Not Drinking the Right Amount Of Water-

    You can enhance your health to a great extent by simply drinking enough water every day. Not only does it help you stay hydrated and prevent headaches but drinking water before a meal can even decrease how much you consume during the meal. It works to flush out toxins from your body and keeps your skin glowing. So, wherever you are, make certain you have a water container by your side. The chances of sipping on it, when it is within arm’s reach, are high.

    Depriving yourself of Foods You Love-

    You cannot cut out foods you love from your system. This can be unfavorable from a long term perspective. Remember, you don’t need to follow the all or none approach. You need to learn the art of integrating these foods into your diet in a healthy manner. For instance, if you love bread, you can make a nutritious sandwich from whole grain bread, lettuce, grilled chicken, avocado and tomato. If you can’t do without pasta, ditch the high fat sauce. Put in a lot of vegetables, garlic, grilled shrimp and olive oil into the dish and you’re good to go.

    Over Exercising Yourself-

    Yes, exercise helps to enhance metabolism and stay fit but too much of it can impair the production of adrenal hormones which are responsible for stress response regulation. Forcing your body to burn more calories by exercising too much is not only a futile effort but also unhealthy. To maintain a steady metabolic rate during your weight loss journey, stick to lifting weights and doing cardio several times a week.      

    For a more in-depth understanding of any issues related to your weight, you can always get in touch with the best dietitian for weight loss.





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