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The Most Effective Methods to Read Passages for SAT Reading Test


    The Most Effective Methods to Read Passages for SAT Reading Test


    -by Shalaka



    It is not wise to consider a few books and deem yourself fit for the SAT exam. If you don’t play by the rules and devise a foolproof preparation strategy, it is very hard to come out with flying colors.


    It is important that you know how to prepare for SAT exam. Even someone who is verbally strong might flunk the English reading section because the section’s not all about English language, but also about analyzing and getting the author’s point of view right. Skills play a major role when it comes to choosing the right answer. 


    The time limit for the reading section is 65 minutes within which you have to answer all the 52 questions. The word count of all the passages is approximately 3000 words. So, on average you have 12 minutes to spare for each passage. 


    How to read the passage carefully?


    A few steps have been charted out to help you read the passages effectively. Check them out below:


    • Before you start reading the passage, have a glance at the questions below. Now you’ll have an idea what you should look for while reading. This is one of the most trusted and traditional methods to handle the reading section. 
    • Going through the questions first will help you understand the big picture that you have to concentrate on. It is always good to know what you are looking for.
    • When you come across questions that are to the point, keep that particular subject in mind. It’ll make hunting them down easier when you are reading. 
    • Sometimes, the passage might be very interesting. But, your goal here is not to get involved in your reading. One and only aim should be to get the answers correct. So, look at it that way, keep it simple and formal. 
    • Do not forget the blurb presented at the beginning of the passage. It is equally important as it conveys the author’s views and the entire tone of the content. 
    • Now, read the passage. Keep your pace normal, don’t hurry. Skim for important sentences that might hold answers to the questions. 
    • Watch out for transitional words, because they present a shift in the thoughts of the author. For example – ‘however’, ‘but’, and ‘despite’.
    • Don’t get bored or highly fascinated by a topic. Both of these approaches won’t help you stay within the time frame. Have a positive attitude, be moderately interested. This habit will help you read quickly and understand the content well.
    • It is normal for passages to be accompanied by charts, graphs, and tables. In that case, you’ll definitely have an interpretation question. These questions are easy, try to answer them first. 
    • Secondly, go for the general-purpose questions. They are direct and you can easily score points. 
    • A few questions are tricky, they are based on what you infer from the passage. You have to think a lot to answer them as all the choices will seem plausible. Tackle them once you are done with the direct and interpretation questions.
    • If you are done with the answers, transfer them carefully to your bubble sheet. 


    Practicing is the only way to improve your time management skills. Don’t stress yourself in the beginning, start with a slow and steady mind. When you are just beginning, don’t set a time limit. Take as much time you want as your goal now is to get the answers right. 


    Eventually, you’ll reach a stage where most of your answers will be correct. Now is the right time to start practicing with time limits. Start with 2 hours and as the days pass, keep reducing the limit. However, be kind to yourself and award grace minutes when you don’t complete within the allotted hours. 


    Once you are past this period, the real challenge awaits. Now you should follow the hard and fast rule. They give you 65 minutes and do not award even a minute extra. Be strict while practicing and in a few days, you’ll rejoice over the fact that you can complete everything within the time frame.


    Not everyone can prepare all by themselves. Potential is a crucial weapon that differs from person to person. Kindly understand that everyone is unique. If you need help, don’t hesitate to grab it when many opportunities are available. Make sure you seek help from the best SAT coaching classes in Mumbai to make the most out of the money you invest. 


    Why take coaching classes for SAT?


    The benefits you reap from these coaching centers are plenty. Know a few of them from points below:


    1. Mock tests 

    Your success depends heavily on how much test series you take before the final exam. The higher you take, the higher will be your scores. You also get to review your results with the faculty which is really great in terms of analyzing your mistakes.


    1. Classrooms

    Nothing can be as traditional as a classroom environment. The student to teacher ratio is well maintained in these coaching centers. 


    1. Private classes

    If you find it difficult to cope up in class, you always have a private tutor to cater to your needs. 



    Here is us wishing all the aspirants a fruitful preparation for SAT!





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