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The Pandemic


    The Pandemic

    -by  Tejas Shirke



    It’s quite unfortunate for all of us to be the part of this “Unprecedented Pandemic”. 


    All of us are having peaceful time with our families while some may feel it as restless too (especially those who are not habitual to this homely system). Right from the start of this ‘SARS-COV-2’, especially from the time it started rooting in Indian Soil, most of us are witnessing complete change to their lifestyles. You may name this change as ‘obligation of modern world’


    There been lot of discussion about pro’s and con’s of this pandemic and the action that had been taken by the centre and states. But there is need to understand basic symptoms of this outbreak on an individuals life. While most of us enjoying two times meal cooked by our mothers some of us are finding difficult to have it at least once. While most of us feels happy to sit in home and enjoy quarantine there are some who are crossing miles and miles in search of their ‘real’ home. While most of us sitting and planning to pass our next day more innovatively there are some who are planning to spread this disease. A coin always had two sides and it will continue in years to come, because it is a fact and cannot be denied. As like this, the pandemic is also a fact and cannot be denied, so it will also have two sides. The one will lead to winning the battle and other to lose. Appreciation by clapping, blowing candles, switching off lights will not help us to stop the chain but will definitely create a sense of ‘homo sapien-ness‘ among us. I’m using this because I feel we already crossed the limits if humanity (all living beings) and now at least must look for human species. 


    Novel in it’s own way..!! ?

    We are creating unnecessary bliss among us that we are progressing towards the hypoxia at much slower rate compared with other deadly affected countries. And why we should reject the so called ‘fact’ when the apex authorized organisation of our country make us to believe this. Previously there was an assurance that fatality rate could be around 3-4 % but this assurance soon became a myth noting 11-13 % fatality rates among certain superpowers of the world. And not certain yet how much it will increase. We as Indians are trying to deal with it by locking down ourselves in 10*10 m. room. But will it be sufficient enough?.  On one hand the world is claiming devastating nature of this pandemic while on the other the source of this pandemic claiming the complete control. What kind of mystery is going on..! 


    We are interested in reading how the world is controlling, probably trying to find out solutions for ourselves. But will this surely lead us to a solution ?. Do you think by comparing testing rate of about 28 tests per million against 6800 per million or tracing the contact details of 1.2 billion when we don’t have complete contact details of workers working in our firm will stop the outbreak. We always said we are different in all aspect than rest of the world then how we can borrow the ideas from them with the unmatched resources. We surely can have look towards their effort but those efforts will again require efforts while implementing in our soil.


    The question of ‘when we will be out of this’ will be unanswered until we will understand the seriousness and severity of this pandemic. Acceptance of 1 billion dollars will not pave an effortless route…!! 


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