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The Proper Care and Cleaning of Men’s Johnston and Murphy Shoes





    The Proper Care and Cleaning of Men’s Johnston and Murphy Shoes


    Nearly all of us have had that one pair of dress shoes that simply make us look our best and feel great while doing it. If you’ve ever suffered the misfortune of losing that perfect pair of shoes, you might find yourself hesitating at the shop window, staring with apprehension at what could be your next perfect shoe. The care and cleaning of shoes is, unfortunately, often undervalued. While there is undeniably a small learning curve to overcome, once mastered, caring for a luxury shoe can be as simple as habitually taking a few steps after each wear. Never feel the pain of losing a perfect shoe again. In this guide, we’ll teach you the basics of caring for Mens Johnston And Murphy Shoes.

    1. Keep them off the Ground When not in Use
    When you get back from a successful meeting or a heartwarming dinner with the extended family, don’t just kick off your dress shoes and endeavor to take care of them later. Your shoes take care of you, and they’ll continue to do so for years to come, provided you treat them with respect! So, get yourself a shoe tree.

    Ideally made with cedar wood, which is uniquely equipped to soak up the moisture, acidic fluids, and oils that build up inside of our shoes, a shoe tree fills your shoe, helping to keep the shape of the shoe inside and out. In addition, many shoe trees come with hanging hooks or loops which allow you to keep your shoe up off the ground and away from any dirt, grime, or liquids other people may track in.

    Using a shoe tree extends the life of your shoe by preserving the interior and preventing unwanted folds and creases in the leather. Men’s Johnston and Murphy shoes are designed for class, style, and longevity; they won’t keep unless you care for them.

    2. Clean Them Twice
    Let’s face it: doing a full clean and polish on any shoe can be a bit of a time-consuming endeavor. It’s understandable if you cannot find time after each wear to do a full polish and clean. Instead, clean them “twice.” After each use, brush them off using a horsehair brush, and quickly apply a leather balm or leather cleaning mixture to the shoes. Then, after every few wears, give them a full clean and polish.

    Quick brushing-and-balming takes little more than a few minutes at max and can ensure that your shoes never get put away with oils, dust, acid, or salt on the exterior. Quality shoes are durable and will last surprisingly long when separated from damaging factors. At the end of the work week, give your shoes the time they need for a full clean and polish. Not only will this make your shoes last, but it will also ensure that you’re starting every week looking your best.

    3. Use a Shoe Horn
    A shoehorn might seem like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised to find out how many people skip out on using a shoehorn. Putting on and removing shoes without a shoe horn puts severe stress and strain on the back of your shoes, ultimately leading to untimely wear and degradation. Most shoe kits come with high-quality, durable shoehorns. Keep it by your front door and multiply the life of your shoes with just a simple step.

    Looking to Learn More?
    Unlocking the potential of your luxury dress shoes is something of a craft you have to learn. If you’d like to learn more about taking care of your dress shoes, visit TheShoeMart online today. We have countless guides and informational articles to help you become a master of deft shoe care.

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