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The Pros Know: RIDGID Inspection Systems Are the Best Around



    The Pros Know: RIDGID Inspection Systems Are the Best Around


    If you’re a professional that works in construction, plumbing, infrastructure, or any other trade that involves underground pipes, shafts, or other confined, hard to access spaces, you know what a pain it can be trying to get anything done in an area where you can’t necessarily even see the issue you’re trying to fix. Even something as rudimentary as a simple drain clearing can become a very daunting task when the cause of the blockage is unable to be diagnosed. And in a situation that’s more complex, for example when inspecting buried cable lines, you could find yourself facing a nearly impossible job. That’s why you have to have the best tools for giving you eyes where you need them, no matter where that might be. At Duracable, our mission is to provide you those tools, and to that end we are extremely proud to be carrying the stellar RIDGID brand camera inspection line of products, including RIDGID digital camera inspection monitors, plumbing locators, and camera reels. These professional grade systems are among the best available in the industry, and utilizing them will allow you to offer a whole new level of service to your customers while displaying what a true professional you are.

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    Chief among these systems are the RIDGID Seesnake line of camera reels. A necessary piece of equipment for any sewer or drain pro, these reels are available in lengths from 200 to 325 feet total, with a compact, hardened stainless steel camera head that can operate in a wide variety of conditions, including pipe diameters as narrow as 2 inches and as wide as a foot. The camera is available with self-leveling capability and offers color footage in 768 x 494 pixel resolution, brightly lit by 18 high intensity LEDs. The quality image these cameras provide will be just what you need not only to gain the detailed information vital to getting the job done, but also to better explain to customers where their problem areas are and what exactly you’re doing to resolve their issues. Of course, in order to show anyone the footage your Seesnake reel captures, you’ll first need a RIDGID digital camera inspection monitor to play it on.

    RIDGID offers several different models of digital inspection monitors, including handheld and free-standing units, all of which are compatible with their Seesnake camera reels, and can mount onto their carrying handles for easy transportation. These inspection monitors are every bit as reliable and full of cutting-edge features as the reels themselves, making them an indispensable part of your tool kit. Featuring displays that show crystal clear in the daylight and water resistant design, and sporting the ability to both live stream footage via the included companion app or record video to a standard USB drive, these monitors make it easier than ever to communicate information directly to your boss or customer, whether they’re standing right next to you or miles away. So if you’re not getting clear, quality video feedback from your camera snake system, try out RIDGID digital camera inspection monitors and camera reels, and feel what it’s like to have the best tools in the business.

    And if all of the state of the art technology, easy to use software, and innovative features aren’t enough to win you over, consider as well that when you’re buying from Duracable, we back our products 100%. For that reason we are a RIDGID Authorized Service Center, so if your RIDGID camera, snake, or other system component breaks down you can always send it out to be fixed by trained professionals and back in action for you in as little time as possible.

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