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The Top Quality E Liquid You Deserve



    The Top Quality E Liquid You Deserve


    Anyone that cares about their health and well being knows that everything you put into your body should ideally be as pure and clean as possible. Now of course we cannot do this all the time, but it is nice to know there are companies that are working to make products that abide by these ideals. One company in particular that strives for this is Velvet Cloud. They produce some of the best quality Organic E Liquid on the market with flavors that are far better than some other brands of e liquid. They kept to their roots of San Francisco because they started off spreading love to their neighborhood, and the love just kept growing so they knew they had to expand to share it. They create these wonderful products because they care about the quality of their business and the happiness of their consumer, and they show this in every batch they sell.

    Velvet Cloud strives with every jar of organic e liquid to make a product that is made from only the best-sourced ingredients available. They take pride in the fact that they use a down to earth formula for the base of their e liquid, consisting of pure USP Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine (if you prefer to have it), and just a little bit of water to aid in the wicking process. These pure ingredients make for the best and cleanest hit possible. They also make their organic e liquid without any of the bad ingredients often found such as GMO’s, sugar, artificial sweeteners, gluten, artificial colors, or any products derived from or tested on animals. They live by a standard of “nothing weird” in terms of what they put into their products. These wholesome ingredients can help you achieve your goal of living a pure wholesome lifestyle.

    In addition to using the best ingredients on the market, they also supply some of the best flavors. With a variety of traditional tobacco, decadent desserts, and fun, fruity flavors, you can be sure to find a flavor that you personally will enjoy. If you are not quite sure what you are looking for in an organic e liquid flavor, Velvet Cloud also offer packs of three that you can order to sample some of their staff favorites. These packs of three are offered in two options, those being the Tobacco Trio and the Treasured Trio. The Tobacco Trio is for people that may be interested in a more traditional flavor for their nicotine fix, and it includes the flavors Blue Beard, Burley Beard, and White Beard. If you want something a little sweeter, you may also want to try the Treasured Trio. This is a selection of a few favorites from the people that know the product best – its creator! This trio consists of Night Shift which is a coffee and doughnut flavored e liquid, Vanilla Custard, and Strawb-Gwab which is a mix of guava and strawberry flavors. If you are unsure of exactly what you want, Velvet Cloud takes the guesswork away by offering you the best of the best.

    If you are someone that is looking to improve your quality of life by only ingesting organic and wholesome things, it would be incredibly beneficial to take a look at Velvet Cloud. Their products are made with the utmost care and attention to provide you with the best possible e liquid on the market. Created out of their beloved hometown of San Francisco using only the best ingredients they can find, they can create the best possible flavors that have so much variety it is impossible to not find at least one that you will obsess over!

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