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replica Armin Strom watches

Armin Strom Dual Time Resonance Sapphire Indicator

The first thing to note about the Armin Strom Dual Time Resonance Sapphire is that it comes with two completely separate displays for the hours and minutes. Each display is powered by its own movement. By having two independent time indications, each shown in blue, the watch can display the time in two different locations simultaneously. This is particularly useful when the local time at a location is offset by 30 or 45 minutes (e.g. Kolkata is GMT + 5:30).


Although this watch is extremely modern, the brand has also enriched its specifications with some classical elements. Armin Strom enlists esteemed watchmaker and guilloche expert Kari Voutilainen to decorate each display piece with hand-guilloché. The resulting texture fills the surface with discrete brilliance and shadow, played by light. The lance hour and minute hands are both silver and highly polished. Roman numerals indicate each hour on a relatively smooth track, and each display is bordered by a chemin de fer.


There is a power reserve indicator at the bottom of each dial. Each movement is equipped with two mainspring barrels connected to a system of cones and tactile sensors that accurately communicate the winding status.


Between each display is a day/night indicator associated with Caliber 1. The central area of the indicator is decorated with a wavy guilloche pattern.


Armin Strom dual time resonance sapphire front

Two skeletonized balance bridges extend to the center of the upper dial area. These bridges are decorated with beautiful quivers. Each balance is equipped with screws mounted on the plate to reduce air turbulence, thereby improving accuracy.


These two independent movements are joined together by Armin Strom’s ingenious clutch spring. When two objects have similar natural frequencies and are located very close together, they will move in coordination with each other. This is the phenomenon of resonance. Armin Strom recently applied for a patent for its clutch spring technology and now has it in many of its models.


Watches using resonance offer many advantages over traditional timepieces. First, resonance has a stabilizing effect on timing and improves accuracy. Additionally, energy consumption is reduced and the impact of the impact is reduced, again helping to improve accuracy. When two COSC-certified movements resonate in a laboratory environment, accuracy increases by 15-20%.


In addition to its technical merits, the clutch spring also provides a visual feast for mechanical enthusiasts. The sight of the clutch spring moving up and down proved to be a mesmerizing spectacle. In addition, the wearer can also enjoy the magnificent view of the escapement fork rod in close contact with the exquisitely shaped escapement wheel.


Another aspect of this watch that appeals to connoisseurs is the finishing of the movement. The motherboard has a curved brushed finish. The clutch spring emerges from a centrally located plate, decorated with pearls, on top of a beveled base. Every surface is refined to the nth level.