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      In an effort to fix this issue, Amazon and Lost Ark Gold Smilegate have launched an Europe West Region. The problem with this is the reality that the game currently does not give players the ability to transfer their progress to another server. That means that if players decide to join a lesser-populated server, they’ll have to start over, which is a tall job for an MMORPG as extensive as Lost Ark. The official Twitter page of the game has also stated that expanding a server’s capacity is currently impossible and adding additional servers is also unlikely due to the intricacy of the game’s systems.

      This is, unfortunately, but not the sole issue players on European servers have had to face. However, Smilegate and Amazon rolled out an update that seemingly fixed the other issues that European Lost Ark players have encountered. This patch is believed to address issues with the game’s premium currency and cash shop, a problem that prevented players from refunding any Royal Crystals at the Currency Exchange in addition to issues with the interface for users, and an issue that affected the the game’s Northern Lawmaker skin.

      None of these issues are believed to cheapest Lost Ark Gold have affected the enormous Steam concurrent player count because the game had 1.325 million players at its highest. This impressive number has led to Lost Ark the second-highest played game of all time on Steam. Although these numbers are amazing, it will now be the responsibility of Amazon as well as Smilegate to find a solution to fix the game’s cramped European servers if they want to continue their success. It is likely to be by allowing players transfer their progress to other servers, or by creating additional servers for the game in the future.

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