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      About the Game:
      It was developed by Chimera Entertainment and released by Rovio Entertainment in 2014. As of… Angry Birds Wiki.


      Hello, and welcome to the Angry Birds Wiki! A place where you could find or share information about the Angry Birds and Bad Piggies series. Before editing, take note of the following: You can go to our Community Portal to get a quick start about us and what you can do to help! Please read our Rules and Edit Manual before you begin editing. Please read our Forum guidelines before you begin posting Per our image policy, any non-official or non-Angry Birds/Bad Piggies images must be added to said user’s profile page, or else they may be deleted. If you are the artist yourself, you must select the I created this image myself” ( > template ) option when uploading. Please make sure you do not post fanon material in our mainspace articles. For more info, go here. Click here to create your userpage. Add some Userboxes to tell everyone about yourself! Got any questions? Feel free to contact an administrator or a moderator for help. Go to our “About” section on our home page to learn more about the wiki. The Angry Birds wiki is happy to welcome you to the community and happy editing! Released Games of 2014 Abandoned Discontinued Games Android Games. Angry Birds Epic. Main page Gallery Achievements Beta elements Version history Credits Glitches. Angry Birds Epic. Staff. Developer(s) Publisher(s) Composer(s) Overview. Release date(s) Latest version (version history) 3.0.1 (iOS, Android) (Windows Phone) Genre(s) Platform(s) Game order Previous game Next game Angry Birds Go! Angry Birds Stella. “Lead your featherly team into BATTLE! ” — Tagline. Angry Birds Epic (also known as Angry Birds Epic RPG or just Angry Birds RPG ) is a role-playing video game that is a part of the Angry Birds series. It was developed by Chimera Entertainment and released by Rovio Entertainment in 2014. As of 2019, the game has been removed from the App Store and unlisted from the Play Store. While Rovio initially said that this was for testing purposes, [1] [2] Rovio said on their support page that they wanted to stop production on this game, along with many other Angry Birds games released prior to Angry Birds Transformers (excluding Angry Birds Friends and Bad Piggies ) to focus on the newer titles. [3] However, the servers have not been shut down, so the game can still be played as normal. Although, the arena and the events are currently unavailable, but the arena can still be accessed but cannot be played. However, version 1.2.1 can verse with Piggy Mc’Cool and Golden Pig Machine can still be used in arena along with only new player or reward is not claimed after the season ends. As of now, all the daily rewards offered from the calendar are replaced with Snoutlings. In June 2021, Rovio stated on their website and Twitter that they were trying to bring some old games back. (most popular games) Still, only one game was remade and it was the original Angry Birds as Rovio Classics: Angry Birds . Contents. During a normal day on Piggy Island, a hungry King Pig orders Wizpig and Prince Porky to go to South Beach and steal the Angry Birds’ eggs. With the aid of several hordes of Minion Pigs, the two go to the birds’ nest, where Chuck is resting while Red is protecting the eggs as usual. The pigs steal the eggs and the birds’ personal equipment, and also kidnap Chuck. An enraged Red then makes his way through South Beach, freeing Chuck, who aids him in the battle against the pigs. The two also retrieve the Magic Anvil and the Magic Cauldron, and destroy the Cobalt Plateaus Castle, which contained one of the eggs. Meanwhile, Prince Porky and some pigs end up in Matilda’s garden, where she is taking care of her plants. One of the pigs then started squashing her plants, which upsets her. However, Red and Chuck come in, driving away the pigs. Matilda then joins their team to help them. Eventually, the birds go after Prince Porky, who is in an aerostatic balloon. Porky flees to the Desert Island and crash lands there (resulting in him going unconscious for some time). As the Desert Island and Piggy Island are separated by the Limestone Lagoon, which requires a ship to pass through, the birds are unable to continue their adventure. However, Bomb, on his Pirates. Though Bomb is able to expel the pigs with an explosion, it turns out that they fled with the ship’s rudder, making Bomb unable to use it. After a series of battles, the heroes retrieve the rudder, allowing them to cross the Limestone Lagoon. However, when they reach the Desert Island, it turns out that they cannot continue their adventure because there is a yellow door, which can only be opened with a Yellow Key that Prince Porky, who is now aboard his own ship, has. Suddenly, Jim, Jake and Jay (a.k.a The Blues), who are in a small boat of theirs, come in, steal the Yellow Key, and go to the Southern Sea, where Porky and his comrades surround them, shooting at them with cannons, making them unable to escape. Later however, Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Matilda defeat the pigs and make their ships sink, allowing them to rescue the three brothers, who join their team. Prince Porky was able to survive his ship sinking, and swam his way back to Desert Island and into the castle. With the Yellow Key in their hands, the Angry Birds head to the Desert Island Castle and retrieve the second egg. After successfully obtaining the egg back, Prince Porky sailed away into the ocean on a new ship with an overwhelming amount of despair. Meanwhile, the Angry Birds pass through the Pumpkin Plateau, and the Square Forest. Just as they are about to enter Pig City, some Knights block their way. Red has the idea of using the Airship to pass through the troops. However, a catapult launches a rock at him, though it misses. The Angry Birds are then forced to enter the city through the Eastern Sea, only to have a large group of mines blocking their way. With Professor Pig telling them to use a submarine to pass underneath the mines, the flock goes to the Moorlands and has some battles on the Northern Sea, eventually managing to retrieve a Hog Head Mountain, where he summons five pigs to make a Demonic Wizpig. Then, Prince Porky comes in to help the birds. Wizpig is eventually defeated, the Angry Birds retrieve the last egg, and they give Porky King Pig’s crown. Gameplay. Angry Birds Epic is a role-playing video game. Similar to most RPGs, the gameplay style is divided into the map and the combat. In the map, the player has an aerial view of Piggy Island, where they can play in different levels, harvest items (if possible), or get objects at specific shops. When the player selects a level, they will be able to choose the characters they are going to use (normally, up to three characters are allowed to be chosen at the same time), and change their classes. There is also a small bar that features the enemies that appear in the level, as well as the class of most of them. Combat in Angry Birds Epic is by turns, the player starts using their characters, then their AI controlled opponent uses its characters, then it is the player’s turn, and so on. All characters have a health gauge beneath them that will indicate their health. When said gauge is empty, the character will be defeated for the rest of the battle. To attack an enemy, the player has to drag their character to make them attack said enemy. In addition, they can also drag a character to one of their allies to give them a beneficial ability, or tap the character to use said ability on themself. By holding their finger on any character, the player will be able to read said character’s statistics, health, abilities, and effects. When any of the playable characters is damaged or damages an enemy, the Currencies. The game features three kinds of currency: Buying blueprints, classes, crafting materials, and potion upgrades Buying potions from the shop Buying mastery from the Mighty Eagle’s Dojo Defeating pigs Opening treasure chests Damaging enemies with the Full Pockets passive ability (like Wealthy Rogue) Damaging enemies using Piggy McCool Clearing Daily Dungeons Daily Login bonus Purchased with Lucky Coins Consolation prize for losing a battle Rescuing an Egg (100 Snoutlings) Attacking a pig with Bomb using Golden Bullet and Golden Pistol (30% chance to get lots of Snoutlings) Buying certain classes Buying emergency consumables Buying uncraftable potions (such as Experience potions) Spinning the Golden Pig Machine Hiring the Mighty Eagle’s mercenary Buying new banners in the Bird Arena Buying mastery from the Mighty Eagle’s Dojo Hiring birds from one’s friends during some battles Defeating the Daily Golden Pig (no longer available from version 1.2.9) Defeating the Golden Pig from the Golden Pig hunt Defeating the Mother of Golden Pigs Leveling up (the max level is currently 100) Opening treasure chests Earning a daily login bonus (every 7 days, one Lucky Coin daily if connected to Facebook) Purchasing some with real money Rerolling the Wheel of Fortune and the crafting dice Crafting Stamina Drinks (5 for each) Asking friends for them Purchasing some with Lucky Coins Answering friends’ Essence requests Lending one’s birds to friends Earning a Daily Login bonus Scrapping a Legendary Set Item (no longer available from version . ) Abilities. A weapon or off-hand item may hold one of the abilities seen below: Arena (Top Banner): All birds have a 10% chance to deal 50% bonus damage. Arena (Top Banner): All birds have a 20% chance to attack an additional random enemy dealing 20% damage. Arena (Top Banner): Each bird is healed by 10% of its dealt damage.

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