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      About the Game:
      Gumballs & Dungeons is a super cool RPG for mobile devices in which players can explore a lot of dungeons full of dangers with some brave slimy heroes. The slimes of the Dungeon Quest universe have decided to embark on their own adventure in this unusual… Gumballs & Dungeons Android.

      Free Gumballs & Dungeons Hack Generator

      The slimes of the Dungeon Quest universe have decided to embark on their own adventure in this unusual mobile game. Mixing resource management and RPG game elements, players have to help slimes to become adventurers and heroes . How long can you survive during the unknown journey? Dungeons, slimes, and strategy. Gumballs & Dungeons is a fun role-playing game featuring some very decisive and courageous slimes. Due to life circumstances, your first slime ends up hidden in a mine. He turns the crisis into an opportunity . So, you have to help him get resources and hire other slimes to process the items. You can use the gold you get to turn your slimes into heroes. They’ll have to go into dungeons full of enemies and treasures to destroy the Evil Dominator, which is devastating Erathia’s continent. A great adventure begins as he leads his swordsman, demon-hunter, wizard, and death knight to defeat the Evil Dominator of the continent Erathia. The gameplay is addictive and straightforward. Each time you enter a dungeon, you will see several tiles arranged on a board . You’ll have to play over them to discover what they’re hiding and unlock the adjacent ones. In this sense, it is slightly reminiscent of the mythical Minesweeper. Under each tile, you can discover traps, enemies, potions, weapons, and items to improve your equipment. In this way, you will find many things, from swords and shields to gloves and amulets. Tap on the screen to fight the monsters, although sometimes you will have to use magic or special skills . The art section is quite fun, and the story is also very nice and exciting . This game offers players more than 12 maps set in different scenarios, an alchemist’s workshop, and an extensive collection of slimes with different characteristics, such as mage, swordsman, and vampire. Those who are tired of the usual role-playing games will find in this title a refreshing adventure . And all you have to do is download the APK file to enjoy it.

      Gumballs and dungeons hack

      Gumballs & dungeons hack

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