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      About the Game:
      When your party reaches Level 30, you unlock the Crucible of Fire. The Crucible of Fire is a core game mode of Soul Hunters which provides massive benefits to
      Crucible of Fire Strategy Guide. When your party reaches Level 30, you unlock the Crucible of Fire.

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      The Crucible of Fire is a core game mode of Soul Hunters which provides massive benefits to players who learn how to best take advantage of the Crucible has to offer. The Crucible of Fire best reliable source of free items, Heroes, and Gold. The Crucible, from start to finish, contains 15 Stages or Battles, after every victorious battle you are rewarded with a chest. All of these chests contain Gold and Items, the special purple colored chests also contain Dragon Scales which can exchanged for items and Hero Soulstones in the Crucible Supply Wagon. Efficient Hunters can earn up to 700,000 Gold per day from the Crucible! The opponents you face in the Crucible are other real players on your server, the five top rated Heroes from a player’s Hero list is used for their Crucible Party. As your progress through the Crucible the opponents you face will become stronger and stronger. With these massive rewards in mind, this guide will cover some useful tips and tricks to help you maximize your rewards from the Crucible of Fire! Improve Your Heroes. Although not specific to only the Crucible you should always be trying your best to improve your Heroes as often as possible. A Hero’s level is typically capped by your Party Level, so it’s advised to always try to keep your Heroes and the same level as your Party Level. Fusing and Promoting Heroes gives a Hero large power gains. Collecting enough Soulstones to Promote your Heroes can take some time, however, you should always try to Fuse as soon as possible. Party Composition. It’s important to understand that Heroes Health does recover from battle to battle in the Crucible of Fire, in other words any damage you sustain in a battle will carry over to the next battle. This also applies to Hero Energy, Energy that you build up in a battle also carries over to the following battles. Because of this mechanic we can load up full Energy on Heroes in the early stages of the Crucible and activate their Ultimate Abilities in later battles. In any Soul Hunters game mode your Tank is the corner stone of your Party, typically if your Tank goes down the rest of your party soon follows. For this very reason, your Tank and Healer are the two most important Heroes for successful Crucible runs. Your party should ideally be made up with one Tank, one Healer, and three Damage Dealers. Hired Mercenaries. If one of your Heroes die during a Crucible battle they will be unavailable for the remainder of a Crucible run. If your Tank or Healer dies you might find it very difficult to continue the fight. This is where the Mercenary Camp really comes in handy. The Mercenary Camp gives you the choice to hire a Hero to assist you, Mercenaries are placed in the Mercenary Camp by your Guild Members. If you have yet to join a Guild gaining access to Mercenaries is a great reason to start looking for a Guild now! When hiring a Mercenary you have to pay a small Gold free and the Guild Member who owns the Mercenary will get a cut of the Gold. Since Mercenaries can help you progress considerably further in a Crucible run this is a win-win situation for both parties. If your Healer or Tank dies during a run or if you feel like you need a specific hero to help you progress the Mercenary Camp is the place to look. Communicate with your Guild Members in Guild Chat and help each other out! Advanced Tactics. Now that you know the basics of the Crucible, let’s get down to some more advanced strategies you can deploy! #1 Building Energy in the early stages. As previously mentioned Crucible Stages get progressively more difficult as your advance. This means the early stages are the easiest to defeat. During the first four to five stages you can swap in and out all your Heroes to build them to full Energy. When you get to more difficult stages you can use Heroes that already have full energy built up to unleash Ultimate Abilities right away! Are you having troubles with certain Heroes doing too much damage to your Party? Save up Energy on Heroes with interrupt or stun Ultimates and utilize them to interrupt opposing Heroes! #2 Restarting a Battle. Sometimes during a battle we get unlucky, perhaps your Ultimate was interrupted or maybe your Tank was killed. At any time before a battle completes you can pause the game and select “Leave battle”. By leaving a battle you will reset the fight, any Heroes that died, any damage that you took will all be reset. This essentially allows you to retry a single battle as many times as you’d like until you achieve an optimal outcome. Did you run into a really tough fight? Try the battle again, only this time try to time your Ultimate Abilities at different points during the fight, or try swapping out a Hero or two for a different composition! #3 Time your Ultimate Ability for killing blows. Every time a Hero scores a killing blow they receive an instant Energy Refill Bonus. Do you love using Mariana in the Crucible? Well try out this tactic! Before you unleash Mariana’s Ultimate try to dish out some AoE damage to your opponents first (Ember or Gale work great for this). Once your opponents are weakened Unleash Mariana’s Ultimate and you will more than likely score 2-5 killing blows instantly refilling her Energy, using this tactic you can potentially have Mariana’s Ultimate ready to go for almost every stage of a Crucible Run.

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