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      About the Game:
      Download Block Puzzle · and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Block Puzzle ‪·‬ 4+ Block Games is the best wooden block puzzle! Play puzzle games for adults like Block Games to train your brain every day!


      If you like wooden block puzzle games or hexa puzzles, you’ll love Block Games. Features of Block Games: – Place blocks on the grid – Complete a line of blocks across the grid and it will clear – Try to clear as many lines as possible – Beat your high score by playing Block Games every day! Block Games is a top puzzle game played around the world. Play Block Games by Wooden Block Puzzle every day! What’s New. Thank You Block Games players, This update includes new puzzles, challenges, and more! Thank you for choosing Block Puzzle, Please share with your friends! Ratings and Reviews. I can play this for hours. Ok, so, initially, I did come here for the 5,848 diamonds offered through TapJoy to use in another app that I was playing. And this is probably the only TapJoy related app that I can say I will play for a long time even after the goal is met. First, it looks like Tetris and uses Tetris similar shapes, but the thought process is completely different. It’s less about clearing a bunch of rows at a time and more about clearing lines when you can, even if you wouldn’t normally put those pieces together, and making sure that you have a few 9-block squares open as often as possible. You only get three pieces at a time. You get another three once the first three are used in their entirety. There’s no preview, so you really have to think about which pieces will do best where.. that’s probably the main difference.. where Tetris is fast-paced, this one is not. it pays to consider all possible moves before placing a block. Oh, and if the ads annoy you, just put your device in airplane mode and turn off WiFi for a bit. I love this game. The most relaxing game I have ever played. This game is amazing! It’s the original block game that has not been copied from others! It’s really challenging to get 8,000 points, but it’s worth it, it’s so satisfying to see all the colors that are available. I play this game every day and I finally reached 5,000 points! I feel so proud and accomplished. I feel really good about downloading this game, I got this from an ad, and the ad was amazing too! I love how the colors are rainbow, but there are decent ads that pop up just like this game, which I’m pretty mad about, I don’t want this game copyrighted by strangers because this is my new favorite game 😫😱😭 Five stars for you!! 🥰😍😛☺️😊💕❤️👍👍👍👍👍 Fun spatial reasoning. This game has wonderful scope for improvement over a long period of time to develop skills in spatial reasoning. There are many types of strategies one can employ to use the three random pieces in tandem to clear more space on the board for the larger pieces. It provides long periods of relaxing problem solving, since there is no time limit to place your pieces and you can pause and pick up the game from where you left off. The only criticisms of the game I would have are: * I wish the pieces were color-coded, like in Tetris, to make it easier to identify pieces. *Sometimes when I get a low battery warning, the piece I was moving automatically gets placed wherever it was hovering! I wish it would just return the piece to the bottom if I get a screen interruption. *I wish there was a way to reduce the element of chance in the game so you use more strategy, like chess. One time I must have gotten so lucky to get all small pieces, and my score went up to 21,000. But I have never broken 8000 before or since.I wish there was a way to be able to anticipate when the larger or smaller pieces were coming, which would affect one’s strategy.

      Block Puzzle hack

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      jeson zale

      Block Puzzle games are popular puzzle games that involve fitting different shaped blocks into a grid. They provide a challenging and engaging gameplay experience that can be easily completed by getting modded games from apkinu.

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