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      About the Game:
      Find out how to finish all boss fights in Borderlands 3 solo. Borderlands 3 Boss Guide (All Bosses) Borderlands 3 contains lots of boss fights. This Borderlands 3 Boss Guide will walk you through the best tactics to defeat all bosses in the game.

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      They are listed in chronological order below. This guide was written for solo players but it will be much easier in co-op. If you get stuck anywhere you can use the game’s matchmaking function to join others. The best character against solo bosses in Moze as she can spawn her Mech right away, walk up to the boss, and focus her minigun on the weakspot (e.g. head). This deals massive damage while Moze is completely immune to damage herself. The Mech doesn’t last for long and has a long cooldown, but deals a lot of damage quickly. As long as you have enough cover in a boss fight you can just run around cover in circles and wait for her Mech to recharge (but this works for any other character as well). Of course any character works so play whoever you like, Moze is just my personal recommendation for beating tough solo sections. FL4K is liked by many players and while the animal AI is nice against normal enemies, it is not always useful against bosses. Some of FL4K’s pets can’t hit some bosses at all or will constantly need to be revived. Also try to keep 1 normal enemy alive during bosses so if you go down you can kill the weak enemy to get Second Win (Self-Revive). Boss #1 – Shiv. Main Mission: Children of the Vault Location: Pandora, Covenant Pass. Strategy: This boss acts as a small tutorial and doesn’t have much more health than a normal enemy. He dies in just a few hits. When he sends an underground shockwave, get away as it will hit you from below. You can also slide into the barrels around the area (hold crouch button) to fling those at the boss and deal him a lot of damage. Boss #2 – Mouthpiece. Main Mission: Cult Following Location: Pandora, Ascension Bluff. Strategy: This boss is dangerous in two ways – he spawns lots of small minions and his main move is to light up the floor / speakers around the area and have them deal huge AOE damage. When you see the floor lighting up, get away immediately! The boss will only walk in the middle and poses on real threat on his own. When he’s about to launch one of the speaker AOE attacks, he’ll walk around in circles in the middle of the arena. Sometimes only one quadrant of the arena floor lights up and explodes, other times only the middle section lights up, and towards the end he can light up all 4 sides of the arena, then the only safe spot is in the middle where the boss is. He also gets immune to damage while launching the AOE speaker shockwaves. Because he has a shield that guards his body, the best place to hit him is his head. You can also hit him from behind sometimes when he’s turning or walking in circles. If you play Moze you can use your mech ability and get right up in his face to blast a barrage of Minigun at his head which deals massive critical damage. It can be a bit of a lengthy fight, just keep killing his minions as they spawn (you can leave 1 of them alive in case you go down you can shoot the minion to use second wind), and try to deal damage to the boss whenever there’s an opening, while running around the arena in circles and getting away when the floor lights up. Also, since this is early into the game, it helps to do side quests first to reach at least level 6 and equip level 6 gear or above. As long as you stay alive you can just use your abilities on the boss to cause him damage, run in circles and kill minions until your ability has recharged, then use it on boss again and repeat. Boss #3 – Gigamind. Main Mission: Hostile Takeover Location: Promethea, Meridian Metroplex. Strategy: This boss has a shield protecting his health bar. So first, get rid of his shield as quickly as possible and never let him recharge it by constantly dealing damage. Luckily, you are not in this fight alone as a certain Ninja friend will help and draw attention away from you. When Gigamind spawns the shield in front of him, he is vulnerable from behind. His weakspot is on his back, the red dot. Equip a shotgun and go crazy on him, just blasting his weakspot on the back. This will cause him a lot of damage. Stay really close to him and always get behind him. Boss #4 – Captain Traunt. Main Mission: The Impending Storm Location: Athenas. Strategy: This boss is very tanky, has a lot of health and especially his shields are hard to bring down. He uses some fire and ice elemental attacks at long- medium- and short range. The tricky part is bringing his shields down. Simply put: you need sufficient damage output to make this happen. If you are too underleveled or have too weak weapons this is going to be a pain. Running around him in circle with a shotgun is risky but has the highest damage output – make sure you shoot the generator on his back (can also be shot from the front above his shoulder). This is his weak spot. A shotgun slug to the face can also stagger the boss for a moment, which is great when he’s about to power up an attack. Brute forcing him with a shotgun at close range is only going to work if you are well equipped. The more careful approach is to keep your distance, use the cover in the area and shoot his weakspot with a sniper rifle or assault rifle, but it will take a while just to bring his shields down. The most important part for this fight is to not let him recover his shield once its down. Push hard on his health bar once the shield is depleted. His health bar depletes quicker than the shields so just go in with your best weapon and shoot the weakspot (the generator that sticks out from his back above his shoulder). Also keep your activate abilities ready for when his shield is down to deal a ton of damage as fast as possible. If this boss is giving you a lot of trouble just level up some more and get better gear, at level 15 he should get significantly easier. Boss #5 – Katagawa Ball. Main Mission: Space-Laser Tag Location: Promethea, Skywell-27. Strategy: This boss is a big flying ball. It has 3 layers of health. The first health bar (yellow) takes the longest to bring down. The second health bar goes a bit quicker. The third health bar is the quickest to deplete. It’s a very tanky boss, but the good thing is there’s lots of cover in the area so you can camp somewhere and let your shield and abilities recharge. It’s mostly just an endurance battle. Ammo is another problem in this fight, because the boss will take a ton of damage (particularly solo). Make good use of active abilities and go into the fight with lots of ammo. From where you fell down the elevator when you first came to the room the boss battle takes place in, head to the far left side and up some stairs (see where I go at start of the boss video) to find a turbine you can hide behind. The boss can’t really hit you there, except with some molten lava AOE attacks but you can survive that or just step away until its gone. Whenever the boss shoots projectiles they can’t reach you in this spot. You can pop out of cover to deal some damage, go back into cover to let shields recharge, repeat. During the 2nd and 3rd health bar the boss starts to move a lot more quickly and uses new attacks. If you get too many AOE attacks thrown at your camping corner, start running around the arena in big circles from one cover to the next. Ideally, pick weapons that deal a lot of damage per shot fired (to keep ammo consumption low). You really need to stretch out the ammo here, although there are plenty of ammo boxes around the arena if you need them. The following weapons are best: Sniper Rifle, MG, Assault Rifle, Pistol. A good Sniper Rifle is the best choice, shoot the boss in its “eye”. Don’t let the seemingly 3 health bars put you off, the 2nd and 3rd health bar combined only make up as much health as the first health bar on its own. Boss #6 – Katagawa Jr. (Ninja) Main Mission: Atlas, At Last Location: Promethea, Atlas HQ. Strategy: This is a Ninja that looks just like the NPC “Zero”. The way his health works is that you must damage one of his clones (doesn’t matter which clone) and this leaves lasting damage on the boss health. The clones do one of two things: they either Snipe at you from the rooftops OR they attack you with a katana at close range. When you see smoke being thrown at you and the screen gets blurry that’s when the katana clones will spawn. You can also run away from the smoke so your screen doesn’t get blurry. It’s good to have a close-range weapon (shotgun, SMG) and a long-range weapon (Sniper Rifle) for this fight. Use a Sniper Rifle against the rooftop clones. When they are near the electric generators, just shoot the generators to zap them. When they are attacking with katana on the ground you use the shotgun. You don’t have super much cover in this fight and the snipers can hit you from almost anywhere but they are slow and you can find angles where they can’t hit you or move really quickly so they miss their shot. From each clone you must take away its shield (blue bar) before being able to deal it some health damage (red bar). Only the health damage you do to the clones affects the boss health. Also, they will almost instantly disappear as soon as they take the first hit on their health bar – so make sure your mag isn’t about to run out when their shield is going down. During the final phase when the boss has less than 5% health left he will spawn and attack with quick melee strikes but they are easily dodged by jumping back and forth from one side to another. His last 5% health take a lot of hits to bring down and then he spawns in the middle of the arena where you can perform the killshot. Boss #7 – The Rampager.

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