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      About the Game:
      It’s all about the ungulates. In Yellowstone National Park, gray wolves prey primarily on large, hoofed mammals (ungulates) such as elk, mule deer, moose, bison, and bighorn sheep. Medium-sized mammals, such as beaver and snowshoe hare, may be occasional sources of food.

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      Wolves may also prey on birds or small mammals but they are not a main source of nourishment. The favorite main course for wolves. Moose. A very large and dangerous meal. Mule Deer. Swift and agile, hard to catch. Bison. Brawny old bulls are hard to beat. Bighorn Sheep. Nimble climbers stay out of reach. Coming soon! Snowshoe Hare. A sprinting, zig-zagging snack. Beaver. Safe in the water, slow on land. Other Yellowstone Wolf Prey. There are more animals in Yellowstone that wolves hunt and they are on the WolfQuest future wish list. Domestic Livestock. Wolves that leave Yellowstone National Park may prey on sheep, cattle and other domestic livestock.

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