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      About the Game:
      The Cycle: Frontier’s Season 1: Release Date and Everything We Know So Far. The Cycle: Frontier takes players to the planet Fortuna III, where strange alien animals roam freely and abandoned research buildings remain. Prospectors are adventurers who enter the planet as Prospectors, searching for resources and valuable loot while battling the environment and deadly monsters.

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      The game’s Fortuna Pass, a series of challenges with corresponding prizes, will return with the launch, as will a completely new PvE dungeon which is filled with lots of loot and dangerous enemies. Since August 2019, The Cycle: Frontier has been in pre-release, including various playable betas. GiveMeSport will be covering everything you need to know about The Cycle: Frontier, including the release date, game rundown and more. The Cycle: Frontier Season 1 Release Date. The Cycle: Frontier will be released on Tuesday 22nd June 2022, however, there is a pre-season event that started on June 8th. This pre-season will run for two weeks and will be available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store . The Cycle: Frontier Season 1 Rundown. Drop to the ground and stuff your pockets with valuables and resources, but be careful: only those who make it out alive get to retain their loot. Keep a look out for savage monsters and greedy gamers, or go out of your way to aggressively hunt them down and grab their hard-earned rewards. To protect your riches, take a seat aboard the nearest evac ship. To enhance your gains and unlock additional fighting options, upgrade your gear, buy new equipment, and perform faction-based contracts. Prospecting is a dangerous business, but greed is occasionally rewarded with the promise of greatness. After all, amid a storm, fate favours the brave. The Cycle: Frontier Game Trailer. The Cycle: Frontier is a free-to-play PvPvE Extraction Shooter driven by suspense and danger, still not sure what to expect? watch the trailer below. The Cycle: Frontier Tips and Tricks. Take risks. A Prospector’s existence is dangerous, yet any additional risk is certain to be well worth it. You can go it alone or in a team, but the more valuable your loot is, the greater the risk. Risk attracting the notice of a band of sneaky Striders or a huge Crusher by treading carelessly. If you make too much noise while fending off the wildlife, you risk losing your spot to another trigger-happy gamer. Remember that losers go home empty-handed, so keep an eye on them. Drop down at any time. Prospectors can drop to the planet’s surface at any moment while the storm isn’t raging because map instances stay open for several hours. This eliminates the need to queue with other players, instead, you simply drop onto the surface and begin playing. Prepare for a steady ebb and flow of threats and opportunities while you’re down there, as others are taken out or evacuated and replaced by newcomers. Build your home. You can secure your treasures and turn in your completed contracts once you return to the Prospect Station. Make permanent modifications to your personal quarters and purchase new equipment with your newly acquired resources. Customize your favourite guns with a variety of mods and equip yourself with the best tools for your next drop. The Cycle: Frontier Pre-season. Pre-Season, which is available now, is a terrific way to get a head start on the new Fortuna Pass items and rewards before the start of Season 1 on 22 June. The game’s community of over 900,000 players who joined during alpha and beta events helped make The Cycle: Frontier the most-wanted free-to-play title on Steam for its Pre-Season premiere. To coincide with the start of the Pre-Season, YAGER Development has begun giving a 25% discount on all in-game Welcome Packs. Purchases of the Initiate Pack, Professional Pack, Specialist Pack, and Elite Pack are now available. Each comes with outfits and weapon skins, as well as a large amount of Aurum, Kmarks, and gear. Yager has also confirmed “no wipe” between the pre-season and full launch of the game, with progress being carried over. You can find all of the latest gaming news right here at GiveMeSport.

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