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      Show appreciation to clients with classy corporate gifts for clients. Strengthen relationships with thoughtful gestures. Elevate your business image.


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      The “silver cord” in astral projection refers to a hypothetical energetic tether believed to connect the physical body to the astral body during out-of-body experiences. In the realm of metaphysics and spirituality, proponents of astral projection often describe the silver cord as a luminous, ethereal strand that ensures the safe return of the astral traveler to their physical body. It serves as a lifeline, maintaining a connection between the two planes of existence and providing a sense of security and reassurance to the traveler as they explore the astral realm. The concept of the silver cord underscores the interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual dimensions, symbolizing the eternal bond between the soul and the body, even during transcendent journeys beyond the confines of the physical form.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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