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      The cushion cut diamond is one of those shapes that will never go out of style. After all, they have been around for hundreds of years. If you are searching for a classic diamond shape, then the cushion cut is a great choice.

      Cushions cuts have a gentle appeal thanks to their softly rounded edges. But perhaps what makes them so special is their fire. No other diamond cut can rival the fire in cushion cut diamonds. If you prefer a diamond that gives off plenty of colored flashes, then the cushion cut is the one for you.

      Another benefit of going for the cushion cut is the price. This diamond shape may cost up to 25% less than a similar round cut diamond. This is great news for the budget-conscious diamond shopper.

      It is not the simplest thing to judge the cut of a cushion diamond. The best way to do this is to observe the diamond yourself. We recommend buying from the best online sellers which include James Allen, Blue Nile or Whiteflash.

      You can get cushion cuts in varying cut styles and patterns. The standard cut is more commonly found with older diamonds. The modified cushion cut features a row of facets that is situated right under the girdle.

      That said, the cushion diamonds can also feature two main looks. These are the crushed ice appearance or the chunky appearance. The chunky look results in much broader and more eye-catching flashes.

      On the other hand, the flashes on the crushed ice look are more numerous and much smaller.

      Unlike other diamond shapes such as the pear cut or the oval shape, the cushion diamonds have a deep cut which makes them appear smaller since most of the diamond is located on the bottom half.

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