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      We often confuse religion with spirituality. Spirituality is universal, or maybe personnel just like yoga. You may have your reasons to practice yoga like some people do yoga for physical benefits, some do for mental peace, and some for spirituality.

      Yoga is not a religion. It is an ancient practice that affects our spiritual sense as well as teaches us to follow seven laws of spiritual practice. These laws are a guide map for people to find ways of inner peace through compassion and love for ourselves and others. The best place to learn this practice is Nepal. You may go for yoga retreat in Nepal. One of the laws is karma, which teaches us, what goes out will come around. For example, if you’ll be generous and kind towards people. It will benefit you later in your life.

      The word yoga simply means to join. Yoga is the Unison of the spirit, mind, and body or uniting with a higher power or spiritual force. You may believe in God or nothing. You don’t need to be religious for spiritual practices. When you do asanas, you move noiselessly, and focus on your breath. For many yogis, the true spiritual sight is remembering wholeness, recognizing wholeness, and cultivating wholeness.

      The spiritual stretch

      No doubt yoga can give you physical strength and optimal health if you practice it dedicatedly. However, in order to explore the spiritual side of yoga, you also need to indulge yourself in practices like pranayama, meditation and more.

      It is when you dig deeper into this holistic science of life; you’ll realize there is no end to yoga. It is a journey and the more you walk, the more you are able to discover the true essence of this beautiful practice. To truly understand the meaning of yoga, you may also opt for yoga courses in Nepal .

      Cultivates awareness

      When we‘re committed to yoga, it lets us know about our spirit, and the energy which is beneath us. Spirit doesn’t mean a ghostly being; here spirit means our higher consciousness: a motivation, a driving force, and the reason behind everything we think and do. When we get aware of this energy, it leads to spirituality.

      Our yoga mat is a mirror. When we turn up the yoga mat, we bring up ourselves. When you practice yoga with a sense of oneness, it enlightens you about the diverse ways you may act, how did you react, and what you like. It also teaches you how you may transform yourself and how your actions affect your life and how you interact with others.

      Yielding control

      Beware that awareness doesn’t always lead you to the right place. When you practice yoga as a spiritual awakening, it doesn’t lead you to any magical land where you can get a good job, more money and be a better person. Instead, Yoga teaches us to accept our life as it is. There will be difficulties and hardships since life is like that. But, developing a spiritual side of yoga helps in holding yourself regardless of the situations and circumstances and gives you an awareness of yourself and experiences.

      A calm mind

      So many times, we choose our attire and performance over our natural being. You cannot attain awareness without taking the time to connect with your deeper self. You may go for yoga retreat in Nepal for spending more time with yourself.

      Yoga gives you this space to just do that. For a quiet mind, you may push yourself for higher physical postures. You can be exhausted enough to let go of your inner peace. Don’t always expect positivity, happiness, or peacefulness, but if it comes to you, be aware.

      No matter what your experiences are, always be grateful. When you adopt gratitude and abandon yourself into everyday life away from your yoga mat. That is what makes yoga a true spiritual practice.

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