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      EA Sports FC 24 has arrived, and it brings a wealth of exciting features for Extreme Team enthusiasts, offering them the opportunity to kickstart their journey in assembling the dream team. With the introduction of the new Developments feature and the highly-anticipated inclusion of women’s players, managers now have a broader array of choices than ever before.


      However, before you can start filling your squad with the game’s top players, you’ll need to amass some coins and packs. Fortunately, for those who aren’t drawn to the competitive realm of Extreme Team Champions, Crew Fights provide valuable rewards for completing offline matches.


      Here, we’ll delve into all the details of Crew Fights in EA FC 24, including their rankings and the rewards they offer, along with the release schedule.


      EA FC 24 Crew Fights Rewards Release Times


      Players can claim their rewards from EA FC 24 Crew Fights every Sunday morning at 8 AM UTC. This weekly opportunity allows players to launch the game or access the Web Application to collect their hard-earned prizes.


      Subsequently, the competition resets, giving fans another week to accumulate as many victories as possible and strive to climb the rankings once again.


      EA FC 24 Crew Fights Rankings and Rewards


      Similar to FIFA 23, EA FC 24’s Crew Fight rankings span from Bronze to the Top 200, with numerous tiers in between. Each ascending level offers improved pack and coin rewards, making it a worthwhile endeavor to aim for the highest tier possible.


      With EA FC 24, fans of Extreme Team have an expanded set of options for crafting their dream squad. The introduction of women’s players and the innovative Developments feature have opened up a plethora of new avenues for squad building. Moreover, there is a wide range of customizable tactical options to experiment with.


      However, having the top players in each position is just one part of the equation. Ultimately, you’ll want to take your squad out for a spin and challenge yourself against other players. Monitoring your win-loss statistics is the best way to gauge your progress.


      To earn FC 24 Coins, you can engage in in-game matches, complete missions, or purchase them from the online store. Seasoned players often opt for the convenience of buying cheap FCUT 24 Coins from MMOexp, which offers a quicker and more hassle-free method.

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