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      Amid the devastating unprecedented riot in North East delhi which didn’t affect delhi idly but the whole of India is finally stepping towards restoration of peace. Considering the statement released by various countries, world concern could also be seen. The raging issue in the ongoing debate was whether delhi’s February 2020 was is a pogrom or just a riot. Calling it either a riot or pogrom will not ease the pain of victims or bring back the deceased. So far 47 death has been reported which might increase to a few more in number in coming days. Calling delhi riot, a repercussion of hate speeches envisaging minds of people, polarisation strategies of political parties and most important implementation of discriminating CAA would not wrong. If one analyses the current scenario, blaming the implementation of CAA for it can be justified.


      This brings to chew over to the fact, the cruelty strategies of the government against minorities. Bringing a law that discriminate people and then consolidate majoritarian sentiments by poisonous campaign during the delhi election was all to be blamed. First we discriminate, then we make sure minorities don’t protest and if they do we suppress the dissenting Voices or use it as further to label them as anti nationals. We blame them for the violence. Never has India seen such bigotry since Independence. It has much to do with the atmosphere created by a political party and hatred they have for minorities and the civic cruelty of worst kind, where millions of ordinary Indian, especially Muslims were made uncertain about what CAA meant for them. Government needs to rectify this mistake of theirs because India has been an emblem of brotherhood and harmony since ever. Ascertaining justice and not imperil lives any further is the need of the hour. Discrimination is not what India needs right now. It is more of dishonouring the pledge, Prime Minister took after his victory in 2019 elections.


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