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      Germany is counted as one of the best places to obtain a premium education, with a tremendous scope for growth and development. When you apply for a course at a German University and you get the letter of acceptance for the same, it’s time that you apply for a student visa. A student visa is a document that will allow you to study in Germany.

      When you fix a visa appointment at the German embassy in your home country, you need to crack the interview, which will decide whether you are eligible to study in Germany or not. But since Germany has some strict immigration rules, you cannot take the visa procedure for granted.

      Not only we will state those possible reasons for rejection, but will also share tips with you to counter those problems. Have a look:

      1. Poor financial status

      Though education in Germany is free, accommodation is an equally costly affair. So if the authorities see that you don’t have enough bank balance to cover your living expenses, they will reject your application.

      Here’s a tip:

      Make sure that you have a bank balance that is more than what is required. This will make the authorities believe that you can easily afford your accommodation during your stay.

      1. Not-so-good grades

      If your past academic performance has been average or below average, you’re in trouble. The academic programs that German universities run need a lot of insight and hard work to be put in; and if that does not reflect in your academic records, you’ll be rejected.

      Here’s a tip:

      You need to convince the interviewer as to why you can be a great candidate to study in Germany and how you will be an addition to the university.

      1. Poor language skills

      To study in Germany you need to have excellent communication skills, in addition to a proficiency in English. You need to have the C2 level of German proficiency, failing which; your application will land straight into the trash.

      Here’s a tip:

      Refurbish your German skills by enrolling into the best German language course in Delhi, to be able to showcase your German speaking skills to the interviewer.

      1. Choice of program

      When you choose a field of study that is exactly the opposite of what you studied in your graduation, it is natural that you will be questioned for taking that bold a step. If the authorities are not convinced about the reason for you leaving your bachelors subject, your application will be rejected.

      Here’s a tip:

      Try to apply for a course that represents some connection with your subjects in bachelors.

      1. Causal preparation

      It’s extremely difficult to crack a visa interview, to tell the interviewer that you deserve to go to Germany. If you think that it’s a blissful walk in the garden, be ready to get rejected.

      Here’s a tip:

      Prepare well for your interview. Research about Germany’s culture and make sure you know the basic things about Germany. Also, you should have good German speaking skills to be able to communicate in the country. Enroll in the best German language courses in Delhi to attain fluency in the language.


      Rejection of your visa is not just a loss of 60 Euros; it’s a lot more than that. It is loss of an opportunity to pursue higher education, it’s a phase of wasted efforts, and is enough to make you feel bad about. If you avoid making these errors, no one can stop you from studying in Germany. Be precise, truthful and smart, and get the ticket that you deserve.

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