How to replace pick-up roller in Brother Printer?

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      Emilee Boone

      The machine will display a message in the Status Monitor reminding you to replace your Pick-up Roller.

      1. Open the Front Cover and the Top Cover.
      2. Pinch the Pick-up Roller Cover, and then pull the cover up.
      3. Slide the Pick-up Roller to the right.
      4. The Pick-up Roller’s holder has a narrow opening. The Pick-up Roller’s shaft is also narrow. Rotate the Pickup Roller until the shaft fits into the opening in the holder.
      5. Pinch and pull the Pick-up Roller out of the machine.
      6. Install a new Pickup Roller. Before attaching the Pick-up Roller, identify the right and left sides.
      7. While turning the Pickup Roller, slide the Pickup Roller to the left.
      8. Close the Pick-up Roller Cover firmly.
      9. Close the Top Cover and Front Cover.
      10. Reset the counter.

      Follow the steps given in this- Brother printer says offline windows 10 blog to reset the counter

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