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      Part 1 of The Elder Scrolls Online’ year-long Brittany Legacy storyline has arrived, as its gameplay trailer showcases new content. After Skyrim’s Greymoor chapter and Cyrodiil’s Blackwood chapter, The Elder Scrolls Online players’ next adventure will take place in High Isle, which launches on June 6 and continues the story that started with Ascending Tide, with a content update released yesterday of.

      As for upcoming content, the Legacy of Brittany storyline will include a portion of Tamriel, the Historic Islands located between Summerset and High Rock. By narrowing down the Daedric invasion and its evil machinations, the Elder Scrolls Online team hopes to tell a simpler story based on Tamriel’s rich political landscape, and Ascending Tide represents the first part of the overall story. This got me excited to get some Cheap ESO Gold ready to get involved.

      So I went to IGGM and bought ESO Gold as usual. They always give me a good experience, especially the price and the speed of fulfilling the order. Their trading system is also 100% secure, and they regularly release some game news. So I am willing to become a VIP member of IGGM and get up to 5% discount on every purchase of ESO Gold. Every The Elder Scrolls Online player should trust IGGM.

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