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      About the Game:
      Cares – Family Practice Official Walkthrough – GameHouse
      The official strategy guide for Dr. Cares – Family Practice Collector&#039,s Edition. Contains all levels, story choices, mouse locations, trophies, and more!

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      Dr. Cares – Family Practice Official Walkthrough. Welcome to the Dr. Cares – Family Practice Official Walkthrough! Dr. Cares – Family Practice is a GameHouse Original Stories game. Show off your skills as an animal doctor by helping Dr. Amy Cares. This is the official Dr. Cares – Family Practice strategy guide featuring all levels, challenges, minigames, mouse locations, story choices, and more! Learn how to unlock every trophy and discover the game’s best ending. Choose a topic from the Contents below to get started: Contents. Dr. Cares – Family Practice General Tips & Tricks. Learn all the essentials of Dr. Cares – Family Practice before getting started. Learn how to play, how to earn the highest scores, bonus tips and tricks, and more! Scroll down to get started. Getting Started. How to Play. Dr. Cares – Family Practice is a time management game. The goal of the game is to help as many people and animals as you can within a limited period of time. The happier people or pets are, the higher your score will be! Customers who enter a level will need time to think about their order. A “…” bubble indicates they’re making up their mind. As soon as they know what they need, an item will appear in a bubble over their head. Click or tap on the item they request and bring it to them. Once a customer has been served, check them out at the register to receive a final score based on your service. Sometimes people or animals may leave a dirty station behind. Click the station marked with a “!” bubble to clean it so it’s ready for the next in line. Touch Gestures. Sometimes your service will require a special touch. Touch gestures are interactive movements you perform with a cursor or finger. Touch gestures are: Rub! – Click or tap and hold, moving your finger or cursor back and forth quickly within the area indicated. Drag! – Click or tap and hold, moving your finger or cursor in the direction indicated. Hold! – Click or tap and hold until the circle shown is filled. Click! – Click or tap multiple times as quickly as possible until the circle shown is filled. Scoring and Customer Happiness. Each individual you serve will have hearts above their head. Hearts indicate how happy they are. The more hearts they have, the happier they’ll be. Hearts are converted into scores once an individual is checked out at the register. Both people and pets can lose hearts over time if you’re not careful. If service is too slow or you keep them waiting too long, they’ll start to become impatient. If a customer loses all their hearts, they’ll leave without giving you a score. The happiest people and pets will have 5 hearts over their heads. These ecstatic patients give the highest scores. Bring all the items a customer asks for and/or serve them quickly to earn score bonuses! Try to serve as many ecstatic customers as possible. Checking out multiple customers at the register at the same time will also give you score bonuses. Mice Locations. Carl the mouse is a mischievous rodent who loves GameHouse Original Stories games. There’s a hidden mouse in each of the game’s 60 story levels. Can you find all the hidden mice? Click “Show Mouse Location” below any level in the guide below to view the hidden mouse for that level. For a complete list of mouse locations, visit the Mouse Locations section. Daily Challenges. Daily challenges are available for you to play by clicking the clock at the bottom of the level select map. These challenges change every day. Selecting the challenge will determine a unique character, setting, and goal. Try winning daily challenges to earn special bonuses, including an unlockable trophy! Upgrades. Once you’ve chosen a level on the level select map and clicked “Play”, you’ll be given the option to purchase upgrades. Upgrades offer unique bonuses and boosts to improve your score or gameplay. Once unlocked, an upgrade will remain unlocked permanently for that chapter or location. Complete levels to earn coins to spend on unlocking upgrades! New to Dr. Cares! Pet Room. Dr. Cares – Family Practice features an all-new pet room. The pet room can be accessed via the upper right corner of the level select map. Use diamonds you earn from completing levels to adopt and care for your own pets! Unlock Pets by clicking one of the portrait icons on the left. Choose whether to adopt a dog or a cat, then give them a name! Pet 1 – Unlocked with 5 diamonds. Pet 2 – Unlocked with 10 diamonds. Pet 3 – Unlocked with 20 diamonds. Care for Your Pet by clicking your pet when the “!” bubble appears over their head. Find the item your pet wants, click or tap to add it to your tray, then click on your pet to give it to them. A timer will appear indicating when your pet will need attention again. Level Up Your Pet by earning Experience, or XP. Each time you interact with your pet by giving them what they ask for, you’ll earn XP. The quicker you take care of your pet’s needs, the more XP you’ll receive. Buy Upgrades using diamonds to decorate your pet room. Diamonds can be earned by completing level goals and leveling up your pet. Each decoration comes in different colors and varieties. How will you decorate your pet room? Dr. Cares – Family Practice Collector’s Edition – Pet Room. Additional Tips and Tricks. Find that Mouse! – Carl the Mouse is hiding in each of the game’s 60 story levels. Keep a sharp eye out for his adorable whiskered face! Time to Upgrade! – Purchase upgrades after selecting a level to buy special bonuses. Upgrades purchased during a level will permanently apply to all levels of that chapter. Time Out! – Countdown timers, including customer orders and the shift clock, will temporarily pause as soon as you start a minigame. Be quick, though – minigames have timers, too! Remember to Restock! – Items with numbers next to them have limited stock available. Restock items at the start of the day to create an advantage early on. The Diamond Standard! – Complete story level goals and challenge levels to earn diamonds. Up to 3 diamonds can be earned per challenge level. You can also earn diamonds by leveling up your pets. Diamonds can be used to adopt pets and purchase decorations in the pet room. You Can BUY Diamonds?! – Yes, you sure can! After adopting your first pet, extra diamonds can be bought in the pet room. Click the diamond icon with a “+” at the top of the screen. You can purchase 5 diamonds in exchange for 100 coins. Earn extra coins by replaying story levels. You’ll earn 25 coins per score star when replaying levels. Check Out These Combos! – Checking out groups will result in score bonuses. If you can check out 4 or more people at once at the register, you’ll receive a purrfect combo. Note that if a customer who still needs to order is blocking someone ready to check out, but another customer is ready to check out at the second register slot, the customer behind the one waiting to order will not count toward the score combo. Finish helping the person in front of them first! Dr. Cares – Family Practice Walkthrough. Welcome to the Dr. Cares – Family Practice Official Walkthrough ! This is the complete official strategy guide featuring all levels, challenges, story choices, mouse locations, and more! Get started by choosing a topic from the list of Contents above or keep scrolling to dive right in. Chapter 1 – Orphanage Stables. Chapter 1 contains story levels 1 – 10 at the Orphanage Stables. Scroll down to get started! Level 1 – Ginger. Get at least 1 star. It’s your first day helping Dr. Cares! Earn stars by completing tasks. Patients will enter and request items. Click on the item the patient requests, then take it to them to complete the order. Once a patient is finished, they’ll move to the checkout monitor. Click on the monitor to check them out. Don’t forget to clean out the stall once they’re finished! Earn 1 score star to complete today’s challenge. Dr. Cares – Family Practice Collector’s Edition – Level 1. Level 2 – Like a Family. Take care of Ginger. Today’s special task is to take care of Ginger. Ginger is standing in the stall on the far right. When an item pops up in a bubble over Ginger’s head, click on the item and bring it to her before the color drains from the order bubble. Tend to Ginger 3 times to complete today’s story task. Dr. Cares – Family Practice Collector’s Edition – Level 2. Level 3 – Two Days Left. Find all the hidden cleaning equipment. Find all the pieces of hidden cleaning equipment. There are 5 items to find. Can you find them all? Their locations are pictured below: Dr. Cares – Family Practice Collector’s Edition – Level 3. Level 4 – Picnic Date. Check out multiple kids at the same time. Today’s story goal is to check out multiple kids at the same time. Check out at least two children at the register a total of three times to complete today’s challenge. Dr. Cares – Family Practice Collector’s Edition – Level 4. Level 5 – Just the Way It Is. Keep Ginger calm. Ginger is standing in the stall on the right. During your shift, a meter will appear over Ginger’s head. The meter will slowly empty over time. Click on Ginger to calm her and refill the meter. Prevent the meter from emptying completing during your shift to complete today’s challenge. Dr. Cares – Family Practice Collector’s Edition – Level 5. Level 6 – Alice’s Return. Check up on Ginger. Check up on Ginger during your shift today! Ginger is still in her choice stall and requires medical attention. Each time an item appears over her head, click on the item and bring it to her.

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