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      About the Game:
      It features Chloe Price as the playable protagonist and Rachel Amber as a main character who is… Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a three-part episodic standalone game that serves as a prequel to Life is Strange by Dontnod Entertainment and is set three years prior to the main game’s events.

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      It features Chloe Price as the playable protagonist and Rachel Amber as a main character who is crucial to the story. This prequel game is developed by Deck Nine Games and published by Square Enix. The game was first released in 2017/2018 and received a remaster by Deck Nine Games in February 2022. Official Key Features: driven narrative adventure. Multiple endings depending on the choices you make. Backtalk” – A risk/reward conversation mode that allows Chloe to use her barbed tongue to provoke or get her way. Make your mark on the world with witty tags and drawings. Choose Chloe’s outfit and see how people react to your look. Distinct Licensed indie soundtrack. Optional in-game purchases. – Chloe’s equivalent to Max’s Diary from the first game. Contents. Story. Episode One – “Awake” On May 6th, Chloe Price sneaks off to the old mill and trash-talks her way into a Firewalk concert. After a confrontation with two men, she is rescued by schoolmate Rachel Amber. After reuniting at school the next morning, Chloe and Rachel decide to stow away on a cargo train that takes them to lookout point. After looking through the viewfinder, Rachel is suddenly determined to get drunk by drinking previously stolen wine. After moving on to the scrapyard, Chloe confront Rachel about the mood change. Rachel leaves and Chloe discovers the family car her father was killed in. Rachel later discloses that she had witnessed her father cheating on her mother via the viewfinder. In a rage, Rachel burns a family photo in a trash bin, then angrily kicks it over, lighting a nearby tree on fire. Episode Two – “Brave New World” Beginning on the morning of May 8th, Chloe and Rachel attend a meeting with Principal Wells and their parents where Chloe faces suspension/expulsion from Blackwell Academy. After the meeting, David announces his intention to move in with Joyce, upset, Chloe angrily leaves and walks to the junkyard. There she starts fixing an old truck until Rachel appears for a short while, before leaving to get ready for her performance in The Tempest later that night. Shortly after Rachel leaves, Frank arrives and instructs Chloe to help him collect a debt from Drew North by breaking into his room at Blackwell Academy. Whilst in Drew’s room Chloe is disturbed by Mikey and then Drew, who is then confronted by Frank’s boss Damon Merrick. Chloe then attends backstage at the school production where she witnesses Victoria attempting to sabotage Rachel’s performance, or, if Rachel was removed from the play by Wells, Victoria will be getting ready for her performance. Shortly after, due to a missing cast member, Chloe is pushed into performing in the play opposite Rachel. After the play, Chloe and Rachel walk back to the Amber residence, intent on leaving Arcadia Bay that night, however, when Rachel’s dad spots her in the house, they end up staying for dinner, and a revelation around who that mysterious woman Chloe and Rachel saw with Mr. Amber comes out. Episode Three – “Hell Is Empty” The woman, Sera is revealed to be Rachel’s mother and Rachel is determined to meet her despite Mr. Amber’s attempts to keep the woman out of her life. Rachel and Chloe are supposed to meet Frank to learn more about Sera. At the junkyard an unexpected Damon Merrick also shows up. The conversation gets heated and Rachel gets stabbed and hospitalized. Chloe finds out Rachel’s father hired Damon to keep Sera away but Chloe learns that Sera’s life is in danger and rushes to save her at the mill. Frank arrives to save both Chloe and Sera from Damon. Sera urges Chloe to never let Rachel know the truth of her father’s action and their meeting. Leaving Chloe with a choice to lie to Rachel or to tell her the truth. Bonus Episode – “Farewell” A young Max Caulfield is at the home of her best friend Chloe Price. Chloe has been told by her mother to get rid of the junk in her room, so Chloe decides she may as well clean it at the same time. Max knows that her family is moving to Seattle in three days, and she hasn’t told Chloe about this yet. Max is worried about how to tell her best friend and is looking for the right opportunity to raise the subject. She has an opportunity to tell Chloe in her room. Chloe finds an old cassette tape with them playing pirates and mentions an amulet and a treasure map, leading Chloe the idea of going after the map today. Both search for objects mentioned on the treasure map and Max finds the mentioned amulet in the house’s attic. With the objects, they discover the location of the treasure and dig up a time capsule of memories. Max has another opportunity to tell Chloe about her moving to Seattle after they have finished examining the time capsule. Shortly afterwards, Chloe’s mom, Joyce Price, arrives home accompanied by Officer Anderson Berry, grieving and based on knowledge of the original game by DONTNOD, informs Chloe the terrible news that her father has been killed in a car accident. A burial service is held and shortly afterwards Max and her family drive to Seattle, indicated by the car being filled with belongings. Chloe comes home and finds a note with “I’m sorry” attached to her cassette player in her room. She plays the tape inside to hear a message from Max, which varies depending on whether Max chose to tell Chloe about moving to Seattle or not. Development. Beginnings. Publisher Square Enix chose Deck Nine to develop the prequel to Life is Strange after the developer’s proprietary StoryForge tools had made an impression. Development started in 2016, at least in October that year [2] , with the Unity game engine. Leaks and Announcement. Leaks of screenshots and concept art for a new game featuring Chloe Price and Rachel Amber, which came from Deck Nine Games’ newly set up website, were reported on June 1, 2017. [3] Just a day before that, on May 31, the same studio revealed that they had partnered with a major AAA publisher (which we now know to be Square Enix) and was “deep in development on their first title, a brand new addition to a critically acclaimed franchise” which would be revealed later this year at E3. [4] Deck Nine Games. Scene editor showing part of the junkyard scene. [5] Script writing tool showing an seemingly arbitrary scene. [5] On May 31, 2017, it was announced that long time PlayStation developer Idol Minds had rebranded and would be known from this date as Deck Nine Games. On this same date, it was revealed that the studio has partnered with a major AAA publisher (which we now know to be Square Enix). The studio rebranded due to a shift to story-driven-narrative games following their development of a new toolset called StoryForge, which focuses on “meaningful storytelling and rich gameplay” and would function similar to the engine used by Telltale Games. StoryForge will allow the integration of “motion capture, narrative choices, music and more”. The development team consists of motion capture professionals and cinematic artists who will be working ‘in house’. [4] Design. Story. A core member of the writing team explained that it was important for Deck Nine to have certain characters such as Victoria, Nathan, Warren, Alyssa or Stella in the game, because they knew it would mean a lot to the players. The writers also saw Before the Storm being the last opportunity to meet these characters and were wanting to show how complex characters like Nathan and Victoria behaved like when they were younger. [6] Gameplay. For the prequel, the diary mechanic from Life is Strange was replaced with a letter mechanic. The player is be able to read unsent letters from Chloe to Max in which she puts down her thoughts on what’s going on, replacing Max’s diary as an assistant narrative device. It’s meant to grant the player a “unique insight” into Chloe’s life and how she views people and events. It’s explained that she doesn’t send those letters because she has given up hope that Max will ever return to Arcadia Bay or play any part in her life. Max’s photography mechanic which allowed the player to take optional photos throughout the game to unlock achievements was replaced with a optional graffiti mechanic that allows the player to “leave their mark on the world”, which is meant to be Chloe’s special thing as photography was Max’s. The player is often given the choice of what to write. [7] Social Issues. In an interview with Before the Storm Lead Writer Zak Garriss, he explained that, “it’s the prerogative now of the franchise to tackle social issues, to talk about issues that are difficult to talk about, and to take a game and utilize what games have that other media don’t have to explore and open a dialogue around things like bullying or depression or domestic assault or sexual assault: what it’s like to be a teenager.” [8] Dontnod’s Involvement. It was stated that Deck Nine Games did not get any consultation or any advice from Dontnod Entertainment. From the beginning until the launch, Deck Nine were the only ones behind the game with some help from Square Enix, including some of the developers that worked on the original game. However, they were given access to Dontnod’s game assets and original files that contain character arcs and backgrounds. [9] They communicated with Dontnod and flew to Paris to let them test out the gameplay.

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