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      About the Game:
      Purchase Feralheart from the shop as soon as possible. He will quickly become your top DPS until you get a dragon or Sun Zi. Focus on things with cooldowns and bonuses – quests, clan arena, daily boss, Mines (emerald).


      Very important You can… Tips and Strategy. Each consecutive Artifact purchased will have increasing cumulative costs. Prioritize obtaining optimum Artifacts early to yield their benefits. The Artifact can be refreshed by deselecting an option. The artifacts purchased with Souls do not share the cumulative cost with the ones purchased with Hearts, and vice versa. This means that purchasing artifacts with Hearts will not increase the cost of artifacts purchased with Souls. There are 6 Bloody” artifacts which are purchased using Hearts. Purchasing them all will leave only Souls artifacts available for sale. Which artifacts are best? Early Choices. : increases the chances of finding a specter (ghost mobs which yield Souls) : increases souls earned from specters (great combination with the Lamp) : reduces the number of monsters per level, to a minimum of 5 (faster progression through levels) Great Later On. : increases Gild’s DPS bonus (base bonus is +50% DPS per Gild) : increases critical damages (important for PvP and bosses) : increases the restarting level after using Dark Ritual Skipped levels can’t be looted and don’t count for the events based on progression. Useful when the lower levels’ rewards are too small to be relevant. It also provides a higher souls outcome as you reach your maximum level faster, and thus reset more often (as long as the player is actively playing). The same goes for items loots, as you’ll be resetting more often, you’ll have more opportunity of loots. During the progression-based events, if you restart at level 500 for example, you won’t be eligible to kill the event boss unlocked at level 500, but you will still be eligible for the other ones at 600, 700, 800, etc. To gain access to the level 500 event boss, you would have to restart at level 499 at most. When upgrading your Spatial Portal, do not forget the 21 that is added automatically. (Default starting level is 1, not zero , and the quest artifact Pocket Teleportation Device adds 20, so even with no Portal, you will DR back to level 21.) For example, to start at level 499, you need to upgrade your Spatial Portal to level 478. To restart at level 667, you need to upgrade the portal to level 646. : increases critical damage (+750% at max level) : increases critical hit chance (+10% at max level) : increases critical hit chance (+5% at max level) Amulets of skill name >: increases skill duration (+60s at max level) Skills required for PvP are: Arrow Shower, War Cry, Primal Frenzy, Succubus Blood. * Recommended in the case of Arena’s matchmaking being based on player’s DPS and not DPC, which isn’t confirmed. Not recommended in current state. : increases the appearance of Treasure Chest : increases the HP of Treasure Chests : reduces the critical hit chance for your PvP opponents. : gives gold after using Dark Ritual Magic Bag is only effective if your Spatial Portal is at a low level of upgrade. At a higher level, the gold provided by the Magic Bag is not enough to start a run. * Both artifacts will increase your DPS by 15% for each level of the artifact’s upgrade. Each upgrade costs 1.02 soul or heart (10% DPS), for a maximum level of 10M. There are artifacts which are more important to upgrade than those .

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