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      About the Game:
      Clash of Clans, now with pirates. Plunder Pirates is a yet another Clash of Clans clone where instead… Plunder Pirates.


      Plunder Pirates is a yet another Clash of Clans clone where instead of creating a tribe of savages and conquering other tribes, you have to create a pirate base and try to dominate all other pirates. The gameplay in Plunder Pirates is identical to that of many other games in the genre: you have to build your base using resources like gold, grog, and gems, which also allow you to recruit troops so they can help you defend your pirate base from enemy attacks. Once you’ve recruited a good number of pirates, you have to go out and explore the seven seas, attacking enemy bases along the way. The way you do this, as expected, is exactly the same as in Clash of Clans. Just release your troops and they’ll do the rest. The only thing that Plunder Pirates stands out for is its graphics. The game’s visuals are very nice. Plus it’s in 3D, and you can rotate the camera around however you like at any time. Plunder Pirates is a rather mediocre strategy game that doesn’t add anything new to the genre and only offers some slightly nice graphics.

      Plunder pirates hack

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