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      About the Game:
      Rising Super Chef 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete More Levels with 3 Stars. If you fancy yourself a great cook, you might dream of owning your very own restaurant. But while the idea can be thrilling to many aspiring chefs, the huge investment and inventory can be a real obstacle.


      This is probably one of the reasons that cooking games exist: so that aspiring chefs, restaurateurs, or just anyone interested in cooking can digitally live out their dream of owning a restaurant without having to be bogged down by the nitty-gritty of owning an actual, physical establishment. Because of this and many other compelling reasons, cooking games like Overcooked or Diner Dash have gained enormous popularity over the years. Adding to the plethora of enjoyable cooking games is Rising Super Chef – Cook Fast, also known as Rising Super Chef 2. Published by Mini Stone Games, Rising Super Chef 2 offers players a chance to manage their own humble food stall and serve hungry customers with delicious snacks, drinks, desserts, and what-have-you. Similar to many other cooking games, Rising Super Chef 2 revolves heavily around time management, wherein you could lose customers if you don’t get their order on time (just like a real restaurant!). With more than 36 maps, 700 types of food based on real recipes, over 200 ingredients you will encounter, and over a thousand levels available, Rising Super Chef 2 will definitely keep you on your toes as you play. Some levels also have different challenges you need to overcome, as well as various requirements you need to meet if you want to finish with 3 stars. Each map has at least 30 levels you need to play through to unlock another map. While you don’t necessarily get some kind of bonus if you finish all levels with 3 stars, acquiring as many stars as possible will definitely be to your advantage (more on this later). The game is played simply enough: each level has a number of customers you’d have to serve within an allotted time frame. Each level also has a set number of recipes you’d have to learn. The more you progress, the more recipes will be available. For instance, the early levels of a map will have at least one or two recipes that require the use of one or two ingredients alongside one or two cooking tools. As you accomplish more levels, recipes get more complicated, with the use of more ingredients and more cooking tools to process the food to completion. The challenge here, of course, is getting all the recipes done right and serving them before customers ultimately leave. During the early stages, the game can be a bit forgiving, with just one or two customers waiting at the same time. But, again, as you progress, customers tend to arrive at your shop more quickly, with their “patience bar” decreasing a little bit faster. Rising Super Chef 2 has tons of content, bonuses, and rewards, as well as unlockable items that can help you become a master chef. If you happen to be playing this game, you’ll know that there’s a bit of a learning curve and some strategy involved so you can finish each level with flying colors. Thus, our beginner’s guide for Rising Super Chef 2 offers you the tips and tricks you need to finish levels with 3 stars, acquire more rewards and tools, and serve your customers on time without burning down your kitchen! Keep Your Customers Happy. As with most cooking games, the happiness levels of your customers is the key to a successful meal service. In Rising Super Chef 2, each customer has, as mentioned, a “patience bar” that basically indicates how long they’re willing to wait for their food before they leave. You can find this patience bar right next to your customer’s order, which is found on top of their heads. The patience bar starts out as green and as it decreases, it becomes orange, then red. Your objective is to serve orders while the customer’s patience bar is still green as this will yield more tips. You can still serve orders even if the patience bar is no longer green, but your tips will be much less. Since each level has a required number of coins you need to earn, getting as many tips as you can alongside the payment for each order will help you earn more coins and, consequently, more stars. Naturally, the most basic way to accomplish this is to make the right orders and serve them on time. It also goes without saying that you will, ideally, operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, though this might not always be the best approach depending on the customers you encounter. Making the right orders and serving them on time is also easier said than done as the game’s pace exponentially increases that the tutorial itself will suggest using both hands to complete orders faster. What’s challenging is that aside from having multiple customers, you may encounter customers that order the same meals or drinks all at the same time. With the cooking tools available, you can only really make one recipe at a time. Each recipe also has a timer before it’s rendered complete. In the case of cooked food, some recipes may even burn if you leave them in the pan or oven for too long. Eventually, some of your cooking tools may also break down, which will take some time to repair, further delaying orders. In some cases, there are even certain customers who may negatively affect the patience levels of others, such as the old man. Fortunately, the game offers you several ways to keep your customers happy while orders are being cooked or while appliances are being repaired. This comes in the form of a few bonus items that you may earn as rewards. You can also acquire these bonuses by watching ads, by using what the game calls “patience recovering appliances,” or through specific customers who are satisfied with your service. Let’s take a look at these options and how they can help keep your customers happy. Instant Cook. Unlock by reaching: Map 1, Level 15. This item is one of the first that the game will introduce. Using Instant Cook will reduce cooking times by 30 seconds. You can initially use Instant Cook 3 times as these are provided by the game for free upon introduction. You may earn more chances to use Instant Cook by getting it as a reward from spinning the roulette (more on this later) or by watching ads (more on this later). You can choose to either use Instant Cook just before the game begins or activate it while the game is ongoing. Since you start with a limited number of chances for Instant Cook, we suggest using this wisely during these scenarios: When there are 4 customers waiting simultaneously in line (4 is the maximum number of customers your stall can accommodate). When there are multiple customers with the same order. When multiple customers have their patience bar dropping. Extreme Acceleration. Unlock by: Serving 5 customers in succession while their patience bars are still all green. Extreme Acceleration can happen mid-game when you accomplish the requirement mentioned above. This causes your character to move with lightning speed, which can significantly cut the time you need to grab ingredients or give customers their orders. The faster you move, the faster orders can be ultimately delivered, thus keeping your customers happy. Keep in mind, however, that Extreme Acceleration will only last for a limited time. You can avail of this bonus again if you manage to serve another 5 customers in succession while their patience bars are still green. Instant Serving. Unlock by reaching: Map 1, Level 19. The Instant Serving item is like a notch above Instant Cook. Instant Serving basically means you don’t need to make a recipe as you can automatically serve food to a selected customer. Like Instant Cook, you start with 3 free chances to use Instant Serving. You may acquire more if you spin the roulette or watch ads. You may activate this item mid-game. Again, since you have a limited number of chances to use this item, here’s our recommendation for using it wisely: When there are multiple customers with the same order. When a customer’s order is complex (involving more than 2 ingredients and at least 2 cooking appliances) and you’re struggling to make the recipe or have lost your momentum for one reason or another. When there’s an extremely angry customer waiting in line and you don’t have any snacks for them (more on this later). Fire Extinguisher. Unlock by reaching: Map 1, Level 21. The Fire Extinguisher is pretty self-explanatory. It’s not so much a way to keep customers happy as it’s a way to keep food from burning. As mentioned, cooked food may burn if you leave it on an appliance such as a frying pan, grill, or oven for a long time. Of course, you can’t serve burnt food and you have to cook the recipe all over again, thus delaying that customer’s order. With a fire extinguisher, you can keep this from happening. Smiley Face. Unlock by reaching: Map 1, Level 24. As you can see, this item doesn’t really look like a smiley face but like a red potion in a heart-shaped vial. Regardless of its appearance, the Smiley Face is extremely useful when you have irate customers whose patience bars are already red. By using this item, you restore their patience bars to full. You can acquire this item as a bonus through spinning the roulette or by watching ads. This item can be activated mid-game. It goes without saying that this is the best item to use when you encounter extremely irate customers.

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