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      Khalid Farwana

      Rewilding is the beneficial reintroduction of extinct species to a landscape. Opinions vary when rewilding is proposed due to the potentially devastating impacts feared by critics.


      Wolves, lynxes, beavers, and bears have become extinct among Scotland’s house of diversified natural wildlife. A proposed ‘Wilderness Reserve’ seems to be the solution for those looking to increase the diversity of other flora and fauna, enabling woodlands to expand in an effort to reconnect society with nature. Activist proposer Paul Lister silences contenders proclaiming, “I’m not an advocate of reintroduction, I’m not a supporter of letting these big animals out in the freedom of the countryside, because we’ve sanitized our landscape so much I don’t think there’s enough tolerance of these animals for us to be coached through the whole process.” Lister proposes fencing this unique reserve.


      Rewilding advocates and opposers express concern about the safety and feasibility of such a proposition. Other advocates such as Jamie Wyver suggest rewilding could be eased into by the introduction of less controversial species such as the lynx and beavers. Simon Jones, head of major projects for the Scottish Wildlife Trust, states, “Beavers create good habitat for other species-where you get beavers, you get good biodiversity.” Farming and angling lobbies, on the other hand, express a concern with a contrasting opinion stating maintenance of current biodiversity should be prioritized; and that concerns regarding environmental damage exist.


      None argue that a return of wildlife should be imposed. Advocates argue that wildlife should be introduces under strict supervision. Opposer rebuttal with an urge to efficiently manage existing wildlife conflicts.

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