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      1. Ever wondered why jeans and trousers and sometimes even pyjamas made for women don’t have pockets in them or even if they do, they aren’t even deep enough to hold the smallest of wallets the fashion business can conjure up for women let alone the big screen smartphones which is mandatory to be carried everywhere we go(and yes I mean the toilets as well)?
        All so that we are forced to buy purses!
        And even they come in different varieties-
        Some suitable for office, some for parties, some for trekking, etc.
        Not to speak for the minority or anything but I do think this is a major problem faced by a lot of girls and women alike. Not every woman desires to wear makeup everyday to work or college or school(no we don’t need a purse to carry our lipstick and powder our nose). Not every woman likes the idea of hanging a purse around her shoulder.
        Imagine submitting your purse everytime before you take your seat in a ride in an amusement park.
        As opposed to the deep pockets provided in men’s bottom wear products and brace yourselves ladies- they are comfortable as f***.
        Somehow you can’t even make out if a guy has something in his pockets unlike in our case- say we do find jeans which can hold our mobile and wallet, let’s not forget it protrudes out as if we were born with a smaller leg growth above our thighs. Men’s boxers have pockets as well!
        Are we jealous of men in general? Hell yes!
        Is it really that difficult for the tailor to add a pocket in our trousers?
        And even if they do, do they have to be a miser about it?.
        I’m sorry, but there are two reasons why I hate wearing traditional clothes. I’m an Indian woman btw.
        One, they are highly uncomfortable. I cannot emphasise enough on that.
        And second, once again, any guesses?
        Most of them do not come with pockets! Hello, we are not 80 yr old dadis who would like to hide their things inside their blouses!
        To hell with tradition. To hell with ‘Girls look sexy when in sarree.’
        You don’t find women in the West wearing corsets in the name of respecting their ancient culture, then why this emotional blackmail on us bhaiyya? God doesn’t care whether we worship Him wearing Kurtis or sarrees or a f****** nightgown.
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