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      About the Game:
      Tower of farming. Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team. Tower of Fantasy is making the headlines all over the mobile gaming market with its anime-stylized graphical art style, lush multi-colored biomes that are ready to be explored, and a fun fast-paced combat system that everyone can enjoy.


      Apart from its game-related positives, the company itself has been working hard to release the game in multiple languages to accommodate the maximum player base post its global launch that happened on 10 th August 2022. Tower of Fantasy is available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, and Bahasa. Boasting over 2 million downloads already in its 1 st week post-launch, players can download Tower of Fantasy as a free-to-play title from both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Tower of Fantasy gives all players a new way of exploring the large fictional world of Planet Aida. Aida is a new inhabitable place that was discovered by humans after they exhausted all the natural resources available on Earth. Aida is powered by the mysterious element Omnium and the search for Omnium had been the core objective of humanity since its landing on Planet Aida. The search led to the construction of the Omnium Tower which was constructed with the help of Amara comet. However, things went completely south after the Omnium Tower released tons of harmful radiation that brought grave danger to humanity. On top of the radiations, several mutations were observed. Players will be role-playing as a mercenary that is assigned to combat the aberrant and mutated creatures. In this Tower of Fantasy guide for Nucleus farming, we will be focusing our research on 4 topics. Here is the list of the topics covered in this guide: What is Nucleus? Gold Nucleus Farming Guide Black Nucleus Farming Guide Red Nucleus Farming Guide. What is Nucleus? As well all know, Tower of Fantasy is a hero collector and weapon collector game that uses the gachapon mechanics to summon heroes and weapons. The entire summoning system is divided into multiple summoning banners where each banner provides different characters or weapons to be summoned. Nucleus comes in different types and colors. These Nuclei are the summoning currencies that are used to summon on the different summoning banners. Here are the different Nucleus and their uses in Tower of Fantasy: Gold Nucleus – Gold nuclei are used to summon for weapons and characters on some gacha banners. Players need 1 Gold Nucleus to summon 1 time on the banner while they will need 10 Gold Nuclei to summon 10 times on the banner. The base rate for getting SSR character/weapon is 2% overall while the base rate for getting SR character/weapon is 12% overall. Gold Nucleus has an innate pity system built inside the gacha mechanics that has a soft pity as well as hard pity. The soft pity exists at the 10 th summon where an SR character/weapon is guaranteed. The hard pity exists at 80 th summon where an SSR character/weapon is guaranteed. Black Nucleus – Black Nucleus are used to summon for weapons and characters on some gacha banners. Players need 1 Black Nucleus to summon 1 time on the banner while they need 10 Black Nuclei to summon 10 times on the banner. The main difference between Gold and Black Nucleus is the pity system and the base rates. The base rate for getting SSR character/weapon is 0.3% overall while the base rate for getting SR character/weapon is 3% overall. Further, Black Nucleus doesn’t offer a pity system at all. Red Nucleus – Red Nucleus is used to summon for character/weapon only on the limited character banner. Players can currently get Red Nucleus only through exchanging their Dark materials. In the Chinese version, these Red Nucleus are also made available in the ToF Battle Pass so stay tuned for some future implementation of the same in the global version. Gold Nucleus Farming Guide. Gold Nucleus are one of the most premier currencies that are available in Tower of Fantasy. They are required directly to summon powerful and rare characters and weapons through the gacha system. Here are some of the core ways through which players can acquire more Gold Nucleus: Exploring the World – Tower of Fantasy is a boon for explorers that are looking for some good virtual traveling time in a fictional world. Players can get their hands on multiple chests that offer Gold Nucleus as they travel around Planet Aida. Apart from the reward chests, players will also be getting some Gold Nucleus for the exploration progress they make. If you see puzzles that are quite difficult and result in areas that are difficult to reach, there’s a high probability that a Gold Nucleus is hiding somewhere ready to be collected. Take your time or watch videos on how to solve the puzzle to get to the reward. Completing Quests – The new player quests are also one of the ways to get more Gold Nucleus. Make sure to keep an eye on those quests that offer Gold Nucleus as rewards and try to complete them first. Complete Bounties – Every day, players can get 1 Gold Nucleus as a bonus reward for completing the 4 daily bounties that are assigned to them. It is one of the best and most consistent methods of getting your hands on Gold Nucleus. However, players need to have some patience and virtue to achieve these rewards on a daily basis and wait for the server to reset every day. Battle Pass Rewards – As per usual, some good rewards are hidden in the Battle Pass of Tower of Fantasy. Among such rewards is the much-wanted Gold Nucleus that you might be looking for. Complete the levels of the Battle Pass by earning merit points by completing the various quests that are assigned to you at the start of each day. The real catch is that the Gold Nucleus is available only in the Advanced Rewards of the Battle Pass which are unlocked by buying the premium version using real-life money. Exchange Dark Crystals – Dark Crystal exchange is also one method that players can use in order to get Gold Nucleus. The current exchange rate exists at 150 Dark Crystals for 1 Gold Nucleus. However, we would recommend saving your Dark Crystals for redeeming Red Nucleus which are highly limited in terms of availability. Black Nucleus Farming Guide. Black Nucleus is also a premium currency along with Gold Nucleus that are available in Tower of Fantasy. They are required directly to summon powerful and rare characters and weapons through the gacha system. Here are some of the core ways through which players can acquire more Black Nucleus: Exploration – Exploration stands currently the best way in order to get Black Nucleus. We cannot exactly call it farming since the exploration is limited in terms of known locations. The game is still fairly new with new locations being discovered almost every hour. Keep your knowledge up to date and interact with other community members to know more about their locations. The main areas where players can expect to find Black Nucleus is through loot boxes, hidden chests, and puzzle-solving missions. Players can also find Black Nucleus inside Purple Chests and simple puzzles. Daily Bounties – Daily Bounties prove to be another good source of farming Black Nucleus every day. They reset once every day after the server also resets. Players get 4 total bounty quests to be completed every day. The catch is that players only get up to 1 Black Nucleus every day and patience is needed to collect a corpus. Event Rewards – Black Nucleus is famous for being included as event rewards for a multitude of events in the game. The events are quite simple and easy to complete. So, keep an eye out for such events. Red Nucleus Farming Guide. Red Nucleus is the only gacha currency in Tower of Fantasy that can be classified as somewhat of a paid currency due to the extreme levels of scarcity. They are required to summon limited and rare characters and weapons through the gacha system. Here are some of the core ways through which players can acquire more Red Nucleus: Dark Crystal Exchange – Another use for the Dark Crystal Exchange is to get some Red Nucleus. We highly recommend players trade their collected Dark Crystal fragments to exchange for Red Nucleus. Currently, the rate stands at 150 Dark Crystal fragments for 1 Red Nucleus. Red Nucleus is required to summon the limited banners that offer some of the best and newest characters available in the game. Getting your hands on any of the new characters will definitely prove to be an asset to your account. Event Rewards – Very few events exist in Tower of Fantasy that offers Red Nucleus as rewards. Currently, the pre-registration event where a milestone of 4 million players is set offers 10 Red Nucleus as rewards. The event is already successful and players can log in to the game to redeem them from the events page marked by a Gift Box icon. Microtransactions – The easiest and pay-to-win way of obtaining Red Nucleus directly from the in-game shop that offers them in a bundle form or individual form. Stay tuned for more updates and guides regarding Tower of Fantasy. BlueStacks emulator empowers you and enhances your gameplay experience while playing Tower of Fantasy on their PC using a keyboard and mouse.

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