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      Illustrations are said to be one of the finest ideas to have something represented visually. A thousand words could be equal to one illustration and this is where it is said to be really powerful. Illustrations moreover are an amazing idea to get the considerations on bringing the attention of the viewers in an instant. It could be really worthy and powerful then it is expected to be. This is why we have seen millions of books having illustrations of its story line and the plot. This is something that I am here for. I want to know a bit about some of the famous children’s book illustrations that are worthy to depict a complete story line. I want to get some inspiration for the project that I am currently working on. Is there someone who can name some amazing illustrations that have been released or published in this context? Furthermore, if someone has got any ideas about it they can comment it below. Any idea that they think could be worthy for a children’s book will be appreciated here. Please help me out in this context as I am looking for some really good inspirations for the new project.


Viewing 0 reply threads
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