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      There is something about cushions that attracts the ears and eyes of human beings. It gets better when a diamond comes into the picture. For the cushion cut diamond, the gem tends to create comfortable speculation, and it mysteriously has a factor that attracts every curious shopper.

      The diamond gets its name from the fact that it resembles a pillow. The cushion-cut usually gives out a unique yet satisfying in-between of edgy and curved shapes. The satisfaction leaves the diamond looking lesser in excellence as the round diamond, and also lesser striking like the marquise. The reason behind the diamond’s breathtaking factor is because people claim that the cushion cut resonates with Whitney Houston’s song ‘I am Every Woman.’ A fact that shows how amazing the cut cushion diamonds are and how perfect the gem will always be in the market.

      More so, the cushion cut diamond dates to as early as the 1800s, which makes everyone eventually understand the significant reason behind the above statement. The cushion cut diamond generally exists in different forms. The different types range from the antique cushion diamonds cuts to the modern cushion cuts. With that in mind, it is rather clear that there is a higher probability of there being a cushion for every taste the buyer has.

      Additionally, it is evident the cushion cut usually pairs perfectly with a variety of styles as well as settings, and this is due to its versatile cut. Indeed, while this diamond typically contains in it an old-world charm because of a myriad of years, experts state that it has been existent and subsequently looks as splendid in vintage designs, existing as in sleek modern styles still enthralls in the day to day life. Also, since the cushion cut diamond does not usually have any weak points, the is an added advantage as it generally does not require any protective settings.

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