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      YouTube video playback problems could be caused by a bad connection. The first thing you should do if YouTube isn’t working is check to see if you’re connected to the internet by going to the settings menu and selecting Wi-Fi or cellular network. If not, you have just identified the issue.

      Not working  YouTube? Here are several solutions you can try.

      More than 1.5 billion users log in each month to YouTube, the largest online video platform in the world. Over a billion hours of videos are seen every day, and approximately 400 hours of content are posted every minute. So what do you do when YouTube suddenly stops working?


      Although YouTube is often kept up and running by Google, there have been a few instances when it hasn’t. Unfortunately, YouTube is not listed in Google’s App Status dashboard, making it challenging to tell if it’s just you. In general, we advise speaking with the source directly, at least on Twitter. In general, updates on concerns will be sent on the @TeamYouTube official Twitter account or call on YouTube Phone Number.

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      why use youtube premium. the shows aren’t any great. use vanced.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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