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Tips for Defrosting Your Boat’s Refrigerator

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    Tips for Defrosting Your Boat’s Refrigerator


    Defrosting a refrigerator is always a tricky task whether it is at home or on a boat. It is never an enjoyable task. It can be quite difficult and time-consuming. Although, refrigerators present at our homes these days are frost-free and don’t need defrosting, however, the marine refrigerators still need defrosting on a regular basis according to the climatic conditions and the level of humidity in the surrounding environment. In the tropics, you may need to defrost your refrigerator after about 1 month, on the other hand, in extremely humid conditions like that of southern Florida, you may need to repeat the process after every 10 days at most. A general thumb rule to figure out if your refrigerator needs to be defrosted is if the frost built-up on the plates of the refrigerator is equal to around ¼th the height of an inch. You don’t have to do a huge effort, all you need to do is stay calm and work efficiently and you will be able to defrost your boat refrigerator by following some easy tips.

    These tips are listed below:

    Cut off the Electrical Connection:

    Before kicking off your venture that involves defrosting your boat refrigerator, make sure you have cut off all the electrical connections powering the refrigerator. Cut off the connection of your refrigerator with the main electrical panel. Additionally, turn off the refrigerator with its shut down button to work on the defrosting refrigerator safely without involving any risk or hazard.

    Empty Your Refrigerator:

    Make sure to take everything out of the refrigerator before defrosting it. Use a cooler to store perishable food items with frozen water bottles and ice cubes that will keep these items fresh and usable while you are defrosting your refrigerator. The cooler will maintain the low temperature and keep everything cool for a few hours. Once you have emptied the refrigerator it is upon you whether you want your refrigerator to defrost early or you can wait for a few hours.


    Defrost Quickly with Blow Dryer:

    If you have a reliable blow dryer or hair dryer onboard, you can use it to defrost your refrigerator quickly. Make sure this hairdryer is not used for the purpose of making hairs dry, otherwise, you will end up scattering hairs here and there inside your refrigerator. This blow dryer can help you defrost your refrigerator quickly so that you don’t have to wait for a considerable amount of time. You can also use a little fan used above the stove in your refrigerator during the process of defrosting your refrigerator. This fan will circulate the air and get the job done quickly.

    Turn the refrigerator On:

    Once the process is complete, you can turn the refrigerator back on and let it cool for a bit. Don’t put your items back in the refrigerator quickly, make sure you wait a bit and let the refrigerator maintain the temperature, and then put your items back in it. Now your refrigerator is defrosted and you can put new items in it as its storage capacity has increased.


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