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Tips To Customize Your Growler Koozie



    Tips To Customize Your Growler Koozie


    Promotional products are a popular way of enhancing your brand image and product awareness. Among the plethora of promotional products you can think of, growler koozie is a highly preferred one. The several advantages of Growler Koozies make them attractive options for businesses. If you have opted to go for growler koozies for your product promotion campaign, you will stand to gain in several ways besides being able to invest in an economical option that can give you more ROI. Here are the ways in which you can customize growler koozies.


    Choose the right material
    Growler koozies are made from flexible foam like materials. Most of these materials are light weighted and come with insulating capacity. Hence they are depended on for preserving the temperature of the liquids stored in growlers. Also, the foamy nature of these materials enable a fine grip under your fingers when you hold the growlers. The most popular choice for growler koozies seem to be neoprene. This is a wonderful material that is easily available in bulk quantities. They come as sheets that are cut and made into koozies. Neoprene is an economical and printing friendly option when you wish to choose the growler koozie material.

    Choose the color of the neoprene sheets
    Before ordering for the neoprene sheets, you must choose the color of the sheets. Usually the color of the neoprene sheet is achieved by mixing the required combination of dyes in the raw material when they are manufactured. Choose the color of the sheets depending on the color of the printing you wish to make on the koozies. Take into account the color of the logo, fonts and other information to be printed and choose the color of the koozie in a strategic way to provide a fitting and contrasting background to the matter to be printed.

    Get the koozies printed
    This is perhaps the most important step in getting your growler koozies customized. You must pay diligent care to compose the matter to be printed on the koozies. The information you provide on the koozies must talk of your company, have its logo and the details of the products or services you have to offer. Design the printing matter attractively in a way it will create an impact in the target audience and lead to conversions and enhanced brand image. Talk to the supplier regarding your koozie color and printing preferences and get your growler koozies customized to the best of your expectations.

    Find the best supplier
    The price and outcome of the growler koozies depend on the supplier. Hence it is necessary to find the products promotion supplier who specializes in growler koozies and can deliver them in the desired format and in required quantities within the stipulated time. Do a thorough research online and offline and go through customer reviews to find out the credibility of the company you will choose so that you get the best value for your hard earned investment leading to more conversions and more profits.

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