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Tips to Rank Your Website On Top Of Google Map Search–Engine



    Tips to Rank Your Website On Top Of Google Map Search–Engine


    Are you running a business without having a presence in Google My Business? Then, you are missing the extensive marketing platform. Over the years, Google My Business is using by marketers to market their trade. It is extremely important to feature on Google Maps as people nowadays search businesses with their locations and if you are top on Google Map which means you are the first priority to the customers. If you are holding a business without registering in Google Maps, then do it immediately. If you want to rank on the top, then hire top SEO Agency in Delhi and find an easy way to success.

    The benefits of using Google Map

    Due to the trend of searching change the scenario for every online business owner. Earlier people use books and newspaper to find information about every niche but extensive internet usage has changed the whole scenario. Now, people search for their products they require within their locality by only a click. It actually acts a hub for which acts a bridge between customer and local business. A survey revealed that Google Map benefitted 70% of smart phone users and this estimation will possibly go higher in upcoming years.

    Some tips to optimize your website for Google Map ranking

    Give description including the keyword in Google Map Business page. Try to provide a briefed description about your business within 200 characters.

    Fill the correct information about your offerings. If you have several other businesses in other locations, then include all of it as this will be add as an advantage.

    In many cases, the customer will not see the location they will visit your website to find the requirements. So, include the URL in Google business page and if you don’t have any website then please get it developed from a professional agency as without having a website, you can lose your reliability among netizens.

    Google gives preferences to the reviews which you get from customers. So, send some invitation notes to loyal customers to give feedback on your Google Map page.

    Mistakes that should be avoided while Google Map Optimization

    • Stuffing a good amount of keywords as Google hates spam. So, avoid guessing keywords and add loads of keywords in your business listing.
    • Provide current contact details. In case, your contact details would change, update the same in your Google business page.
    • Another big blunder which you must avoid is getting listed on local business directories. Google will obtain your local business information from local business directories so must post your business details in as many directories as you can.
    • A business page on Google Map, if exists without ratings and reviews, the search engine will simply neglect it. So, do some effort to get these on your listings.


    Ranking high in a search can increase your exposure and thus, boost your business. So, get a habit of asking your customer to leave a review. Read the above points and follow the same while listing your business on Google Map and seek help from the top SEO Agencies in Delhi for better performance.