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Top 3 Easy Poses for a Great Night’s Sleep


    Top 3 Easy Poses for a Great Night’s Sleep


    There are different yoga asanas which can aid a person with sleep inability issues. Learn more through this article.

    Who doesn’t like a good night’s sleep and the rejuvenating feeling when you wake up after a satisfying sleep is just so heavenly. But sleep is too precious these days and for a few even rarer than diamonds; And dreams, the mystical world that they lead us into, what an escape. Sleep and dreams are indiscriminate to any person.

    The real world is great to live in but the dreams are surreal and bring out our greatest fantasies, horrifying or mesmerising, you are a lucky person if you still dream every day even at a ripe age and a chaotic surrounding. Dreaming is a sign of a healthy functioning mind and sometimes, just sometimes our dreams give us signs and portals to our genuine and real worlds.

    But a good night’s sleep is really a distant dream to so many of us who belong to the intensive working class and have so much going on in the mind. The reason why some of us are not received with a good night’s sleep is because we have too many thoughts going on in your minds, our pre-existing anxieties and acquired insomnia.

    Even physical problems and ailments result in a bad and irritable sleeping pattern. And it cannot be enough emphasized, that sleep is the only time when our bodies are really able to work on healing itself and recharging its energies and any kind of minor ailments.

     For those working really hard to get a good rejuvenating sleep even after a rigorous working schedule, yoga is a great way to prepare yourself to fall into a mini hibernating mode. To learn yoga, the best way is to take classes of yoga in India (the land of yoga’s origin); Yoga enthusiasts flock in large numbers to receive their yoga teacher training in India because of the same reason. A certified 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is provided to many yoga enthusiasts each year.

    Yoga is an ancient practice that was founded by the ancient yogis to dig deep into the human psyche beyond things like behaviour, personality, intellect or understanding. The word yoga is a Sanskrit word that directly translates to “the union”. The union signifies to the union of the body and the mind that eventually leads to a path of spiritual awakening or enlightenment.

    All the people finding it too hard to get a good night’s sleep, here are a few tips and 3 Asanas to help you prepare for a great sleep every night:

    1. The Anjali Mudra:

    This is one of the most beneficial Mudras to help you in a good night’s sleep. Sometimes sleep at night is disturbed by the heavy eating that was done at dinner. The thing that people don’t understand about light eating is that, when the body sleeps, all of its organs sleep and need rest, but if you have had a very heavy dinner your digestive system is still working and so are the other organs associated with digestion. Light eating ensures less work for the digestive system and more rest.

    The Anjali Mudra is a very beneficial Mudra because it helps your digestive system do so much work on its own before you get a sleep. Even spending 5 minutes doing this mudra, ensures that that your digestive system empties sooner and less work is left for the digestive system to do.

    To perform this pose:

    • Start by being seated in Vajrasana where your hips are resting in the cups of your feet, and your spine is straight.
    • Now bring your hands in a Namaste pose and thumbs touching the centre of your chest.
    • Breathe freely and comfortably, and stay in this position for as long as it takes for you to burp, or release gas in some other way.
    1. The child pose :

    This is a restorative yoga pose and it helps you calm and become quiet very easily.

    To perform this pose:

    • Again start by sitting in the Vajrasana.
    • Now bend from your abdomen, forward; so that your chest is touching your thighs and your eyes meet the ground.
    • Now take your hands and stretch ahead of you for as much as you can stretch and stay there for 15-20 breaths and then bring your hands back in a relaxed way.
    1. Shavasana:

    This is an ultimate restorative pose. This pose makes you grounded and reconnecting with the base that will take your weight and provide you the ultimate support.

    To perform this asana:

    • Lie on the bed with your back facing the ground and palms touching the bed.
    • Feet apart and hands apart, now close your eyes.
    • Breathe deeply and comfortably for as long as it takes for you to feel relaxed and slowly give into a good night’s sleep.