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Top 5 Places To Visit Singapore




    Top 5 Places To Visit Singapore



    Singapore is described by many as the playground of the rich. It is true that this small city-state has certain sheen of wealth. However Singapore can offer you more than just high-end shopping malls and luxury hotels. There is also a vibrant history and a diverse ethnic quarter for you to discover.

    Singapore has excellent public transportation system for you to move around. Once you get a sense of the retro map, it will be easy for you to zip around. In fact it is one of the easiest and comfortable countries for touring. Take the best sling bag for travel and you can have a great time. Here are some places to visit in Singapore:

    1.      Marina Bay Sands:

    The Marina Bay Sands is opulent and includes a hotel. It is full of high-end luxury brands. There is the Marina Bay Sands Skypark-it’s a vantage point for taking in the city. Skypark’s viewing deck and the infinity pool is found in a ship. If you are guest then you can use the infinity pool and visit the observation deck. From the Skypark, you get to see the innovative double helix bridge, the port and the ever impressive skyline. While on top you can grab a snack or coffee at the rooftop restaurant. You get to pick up souvenirs for yourself as well.

    2.      Singapore Flyer:

    If the observation deck at Marina Bay Sands doesn’t satisfy you then there is the Singapore Flyer. You can try out the high tea while you look over the city from the Singapore Flyer. You get to choose from several different packages and allow yourself to be pampered. There are several different ticket packages you get to choose from. Flights will last 30 minutes each.

    3.      Gardens by the Bay:

    Once you glimpse this beautifully designed green space you will not stay away. You get to wander through the Bay East Garden. It is perfect to enjoying the vibrant plant life. You also get the chance to escape the city bustle for some time. You will not want to miss the Supertree Grove. Once you are there you will be able to find a cluster of iconic, futuristic structures. These structures are designed to perform environmentally sustainable function.

    4.      Botanic Gardens:

    You must not confuse it with the Gardens on the Bay. And the Botanic Gardens are equally worth the visit. Singapore received their first UNESCO World Heritage nomination for the botanic gardens. The city may feel like a concrete jungle to you. The botanic gardens are here to preserve pieces of the wild heritage of Singapore for you.

    5.      Chinatown:

    If you have already visited China then this Chinatown will give you the same feeling. Small mom-and-pop stores and authentic Chinese food are present to entertain you. Heritage markers are installed through the neighborhood in English, Japanese and simple Chinese. It is a progressive neighborhood and is home to trendy Ann Siang Hill area. In that place the quaint bistros and upscale boutiques can attract you.

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