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Top Brand RV Portable Waste Tanks for RVs





    Top Brand RV Portable Waste Tanks for RVs


    When outfitting your mobile home RV, it is imperative to ensure that your waste tank is up to par with standards. Having a quality made RV waste tank will provide sanitation in your motor vehicle and make travelling more convenient.

    Here are some great brands of waste tanks for your RV:

    Barker 15 Gallon Tote-Along RV Portable Waste Tank
    The Barker 11747 15 Gallon Tote-Along Portable Waste Tank is designed for maintenance conveniences and equipped with two wheels to help reduce the hassle of emptying the tank. Made of blow-molded polyethylene, the Barker Tote-Along is designed to be extremely durable and withstand the elements to make sure the structure stays intact and is not susceptible to spillage or leaks. The tank features a 3” bayonet cap, straight adaptor for spill-free dumping, and also includes a tow bracket & 3” x 5” sewer hose with the clamp attached. The tank comes pre-assembled for your convenience and has a 15-gallon capacity. Barker 15 Gallon Tote-Along Portable Waste Tank comes guaranteed with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

    Thetford No Hose 12 Gallon SmartTote Portable Waste Tank
    For those looking for fewer fill-ups and less frequent dumping, the Thetford No Hose 12 Gallon Smart Tote Portable Waste Tank is the perfect fit. This 12-gallon tank has up to 20% more capacity than competitors, making it designed for fewer fill-ups, conserving both time and effort. The Thetford waste tank also features two-wheel mobility and retainer straps to hold the sewer hose in place for secure storage, making dumping and removal less of a hassle. The rugged rubber wheels and polyethylene container make for a durable and trustworthy piece of equipment. The Thetford SmartTote Portable Waste Tank is protected by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

    Thetford 27 Gallon SmartTote2 4 Wheel Portable Waste Holding Tank
    The Thetford 27 Gallon SmartTote2 LX 4 wheel portable waste tank is the ultimate tank for those looking for a larger model to accommodate a large vehicle with a higher waste creation. The tank features four wheels for easy management when unloading. The Thetford SmartTote2 features a tow handle for easy towing that folds compactly into the structure for secure storage, as well as a compartment to protect the hose and store all sewer fittings. The tank is completely self-contained, meaning it doesn’t require you to purchase any exterior accessories for use, and comes assembled and ready to go. To make dumping fast and clean, the SmartTote2 is designed with a 90-degree elbow nozzle to keep the process quick, and also features a large opening hole to allow for improved rinsing of the tank with a garden hose. The Thetford SmartTote2 waste holding tank comes protected with a 1-year warranty.

    Flojet Portable Waste Pump Kit
    For those who are less than fans of dumping their waste tank, the Flojet Portable Waste Pump Kit is the perfect tool. The pump allows the user to empty their holding tank while avoiding tank stations. The macerator section of the pump grinds waste down to smaller particles so that they can pass quickly through a garden hose. The pump includes a garden hose discharge port, remote on/off switch with a 6’ wire harness and a rugged portable case for convenient storage. With its fresh water rinse capabilities and ability to dump from farther distances, the Flojet Portable Waste Pump Kit is the perfect solution for those who are less than thrilled about draining their Portable Rv Waste Tanks.

    Your portable RV waste tank is an integral part of your motorhome system. Be sure to choose quality equipment to ensure your RV stays looking, feeling, and smelling just like home. For more information on the products mentioned here, visit today!

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