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Top Characteristics You Must Look In A Data Center



    Top Characteristics You Must Look In A Data Center


    While purchasing a new pair of jeans, you might feel stressful, but the decision you make is unlikely to have a long-term effect on your life. On the other hand, purchasing a property needs an in-depth research and a careful selection so that you get the best value for your hard earned money. Wherever significant investment and far reaching consequences are involved, you must make a well informed decision so that you achieve what you actually need. When you are about to choose Canadian Data Center Providers, look into these characteristics.

    Space efficiency and capacity planning.
    The best data centers you can think of are designed to achieve optimal density. They invest in top end virtualization technology in order to provide the best possible computing, storage and networking power. Also, arrangements to make the smallest footprint is also a desirable feature you must focus on. When they increase the number of servers per rack and the number of racks come down letting them make the best utilization of the existing hardware and bring down the power circuits. Once they are achieved, the capital expenses can come down significantly.

    Flexibility and scalability
    Scalability is an essential feature for any industry and especially IT industry. Data centers need to offer flexible infrastructure that can seamlessly support quick and simple kind of upgrades and support a rapid growth in performance. The modular systems they provide can enable the businesses accommodate growth and conveniently adapt to the changes that come in from time to time. Whenever there are unanticipated changes, businesses must be able to keep working without much disruptions. Only when the data centers are able to provide the on-demand infrastructure services, businesses can hope to create and scale up applications without much hassles. Aspects such as security, best data governance and sovereignty are some inevitable characteristics you must look in a data center you will choose.

    Efficient cooling infrastructure
    The right kind of cooling infrastructure can make a huge difference in the efficient functioning of a data center. Today there are a variety of methods available for cooling used in data centers around the globe. However, hot isle and cold isle architecture can significantly reduce the energy needed for cooling and increase the life of the components stacked on the racks.

    Data accessibility
    It is important that a data center facilitates an easy access to the data stored by staying well-organized. No policies and procedures can help if they are not followed sincerely. An organization having well-trained and efficient staff must always ensure that the staff are rigorously trained and motivated to adhere to the standards and methods pre-defined by the management.

    Security features
    Every data center must stay secure by preventing any kind of unauthorized access. The most secured data centers feature ballistic building facility, perimeter protection and a highly adaptable design. Secured cabinets and caged environments are essential for enhanced protection. Some of the other aspects of security you must not overlook in a data center are multi-tier access control arrangements like mantraps, round the clock monitoring security, keycards, and biometrics.

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