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Types of Roses for Your Plant Installation in Philadelphia

    Types of Roses

    Types of Roses for Your Plant Installation in Philadelphia


    When you’re looking to expand your outdoor garden, roses add the perfect aesthetic value to any plant installation in Philadelphia with their variation of colors and shapes. Developing your garden variation can diversify its look and help support the growth of other plants. From roses to trees, when you are looking for help with plant installation in Philadelphia, Plantscapes U.S.A can help you achieve your goal.


    Here are some beautiful rose options for your garden:


    Lady Banks

    The Lady Banks rose, named for the wife of the botanist Sir Joseph Banks, is classified into the “old roses” category, which is also known as antique or heritage roses. This thorn-less cluster rose is known for growing vigorously, up to 20 feet tall. Its bountiful evergreen-colored leaves are accented by small flower clusters that are 1.5-2.5 cm in diameter and bloom into white or pale yellow color. It is one of the earliest flowering roses, thrives in the month of May, and is known for its violet-scented blooms.



    Another of the old garden roses, the Bourbon rose is a fragrant rose identifiable by its blooms in shades of pink to deep-ish pink reds. These flowers are thought to be from China and Damask heritage, as they were first found growing on the La Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. The Bourbon roses are known to have a repeat bloom and are known for being resistant to fungal diseases usually detrimental to common roses, such as black spots and mildew.


    Green Rose

    There are several varieties of green roses, including the most common Green Rose, Green Ice, Green Diamond, and Greensleeves. The Green Rose family procures sepals rather than petals, which is standard on other rose bushes. The Green Rose also features a unique and identifiable peppery scent, which is dissimilar to most other types of roses, which commonly carry a perfume scent. The plants grow to an average height of three feet but are not considerably hardy rose bush as they are sensitive to cold weather.




    Hybrid Tea Rose

    One of the most common garden roses, the Hybrid Tea rose grows long stems and features large blooming flowers that offer a wide range of colors. They are a crossbreed between two types of roses, the Hybrid Perpetual, and the Tea Roses. Between the two-parent roses of the Hybrid, this plant is considerably hardy as far as roses go, and is more inclined to repeat flowering than many other hybrid perennials. The Tea Rose features a classic garden rose aesthetic, featuring high-centered buds supported by long, straight, and upright stems, with flowers that can grow 8-12.5 cm wide. The Hybrid Tea roses are the most popular roses in the world and are classically known as the Valentine’s Day rose.


    Shrub Roses

    Shrub Roses are a product of crossbreeds of various species of roses, including the Species Roses and the Modern Bush Roses. Due to crossbreeding, Shrub Roses blooms feature a vast aesthetic variation. The shrubs feature a height of five feet or six feet in height. Their larger-than-average growth speaks to the hardiness of the bushes, which are known to be both tough and reliable. Because of the cross-hybridization of the shrub roses, they do not feature a consistent or definitive color or shape but create a beautiful array affected by their mass and clumped growth.


    From the traditional Lady Banks Rose to the world-recognized Hybrid Tea Rose, installing roses in your garden is the perfect addition to any outdoor plant installation in Philadelphia. For help with your indoor or outdoor greenery, contact Plantscapes U.S.A. at or visit

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