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Understanding and Growing your self esteem



    Understanding and Growing your self esteem



    Self esteem is just not a phrase rather it is a combination of different things and emotions. Self esteem has self love, self belief, self-description and self confidence. Together they all make self esteem of a person. We all are taught that having self esteem is important to lead a healthy and content life. Self esteem is important to gain success and respect in life but we are not conditioned to have high self esteem since childhood. We are taught to take responsibility for others, love others, respect others and care for others but not for ourselves.  Otherwise why the majority of people suffer from low self esteem in one or another phase of their life. How to improve self esteem is widely searched phrase on the internet as people don’t know how to be happy with them without taking approval of society.



    Understanding self esteem

    Self esteem can be explained in different manners but in simple words self esteem is the level of trust a person has on his own mind. His belief about his worth in society, his right to stay happy; no matter what others believe about him.

    • Self esteem is the healthy state of mind when the mind is free from toxins of negativity and disbelief.
    • Self esteem is the immune system of our soul that keeps it away from the disease of self-negating.
    • Self esteem is the level of respect and reputation we give to ourselves.

    Just like a healthy body is the result of many interrelated factors, self esteem is also made with including several factors. We need to work on our mental health and conscious to keep our self esteem high. It needs regular sessions of mental exercises, good habits and the right mindset with self belief.

    Practices that can help in improving self esteem

    There are several important things in life that contribute to improving self esteem. The word practice is used as these things must be done consistently for life to maintain proficiency and current state. To improve self esteem a person needs to practice being him. He must try to understand himself as a person who he is; not by relations that he has. He might be a father, husband, brother, employee but first, he is an individual who has right to be happy. One should follow these practices to improve self esteem-

    Living consciously- there are several factors in life that make our living little difficult. Our job, responsibilities and many other factors force our happiness and self esteem away from us. But as a person, it is our duty to practice living consciously if we want to live life with self esteem.

    • Self-acceptance– self-acceptance is a phase when we stop criticizing ourselves and start believing. Everyone is different and nobody is perfect. We must try to improve the personality we have rather than changing it. Be happy for being you and what you think about you.
    • Self-responsibility- as a person you are responsible for your development no one else is. You have to think about ways of improving your life, no one else will. It is your duty to keep yourself happy and to do that you should stop relying on others for your happiness.