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Unique Crystal Gifts


    Unique Crystal Gifts



    The act of gift-giving is a beautiful thing, in and of itself. Taking time to contemplate on the perfect present to convey your thoughts and feelings to someone shows that you care. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to find that perfect “something” that is just right for that person and situation. For this reason, customizable, creative gifts go above and beyond in expressing a personalized message. Crystal Prints offers a wide range of customizable gifts, awards, memorials, mementos, photo crystals, and more that can all be designed to create beautiful and everlasting one-of-a-kind keepsakes.

    These beautiful laser etched crystals are perfect gift items. Measuring 4.75 inches wide by 3.15 inches high by 1inches thick. They will accommodate wide photos or collages or additional text. These will beautify any den or office decor and their heavy weight makes them perfect for use as paper weights. They really look great just about anywhere else. When placed on an optional piano finished wooden light base, the engraving will glow and sparkle in the night. The image is laser etched inside the block of crystal, so it appears to be floating in space.

    In a day and age where it seems like we have so many electronic gadgets and tools, giving the gift of a 3D photo crystal returns to the classic gesture of giving something that is more artistic, thoughtful, and beautiful. Our crystals dazzle the eye and touch the heart with their incredible etchings and engravings. Customers are absolutely mesmerized by our beautiful 3D Photo Crystals. They are specially created with state-of-the-art laser technology that make it appear as though the object or picture you select is literally suspended inside the crystal, thanks to the impressive 3-dimensional design.

    If this is your first time perusing Crystal Prints’ wide selection of unique creations, you may be wondering what sort of occasions can be best celebrated with the gift of a crystal. The answer is that all kinds of occasions can become even more special when they are memorialized with a lasting, beautiful crystal. Romantic occasions, such as anniversaries, are an excellent time to consider designing your first crystal anniversary gift. You can show your loved one how much you care with or 2D or 3D photo crystals, complete with a picture of you and that special someone, as well as an inscription of your choosing that best conveys your loving sentiments! If you have a special song lyric, line from a poem, or personal expression, we can inscribe that for you. If you’re not yet sure on the best text for your crystal, we have compiled a helpful selection of inspirational text that many returning customers have found perfect for completing their gift.

    Romantic occasions aren’t the only time to consider a crystal photo keepsake. Our crystals have become popular gifts for birthdays, holidays, corporate events, and memorial occasions as well. Our crystals are gorgeous works of art, and this makes them marvelous gifts; however, if you are looking for something with more utility beyond stunning visual aesthetics and artistic value, we offer a few more customizable items that may interest you. We can apply your own etchings to create personalized keychains, paperweights, holiday ornaments, and crystal bottle stoppers. These elegant items are useful while still displaying a lovely, artistic charm.
    Award ceremonies are another wonderful time to design a crystal image from Crystal Prints! We offer custom-crafted crystal awards of many shapes and designs that can be excellent for athletic awards, corporate events, scholastic awards, and more. These award crystals capture an impressive aura when displayed!

    This is our fourteenth year of providing customers with beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations that touch the heart and convey thoughts with sophisticated grace and permanence. We have been overjoyed with the many glowing reviews and testimonials we have received from customers; we are additionally happy to see how many returning customers we have been lucky enough to gain. We are passionate about our crystal images, as we believe they make incredible gifts and we want to help others spread the love and have the most fulfilling and meaningful gift-giving experience possible. We are always happy to answer questions, and we love hearing your feedback. Please contact us toll free at 844-211-5100 or email us at with any questions or comments!

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