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Useful Information On Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)



    Useful Information On Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


    AMP or accelerated mobile pages has benefited SEO related work by getting the content the users want much faster than before. As against the standard kind of webpages, the loading time of an AMP is very quick. The use of AMP is also found to increase the page ranking of the site considerably. AMP pages are found to appear among the top few results in the Google search results. Given these amazing benefits of AMP, you must know what is AMP and how it can benefit your site. AMP is an open source coding standard that publishers can use in order to make their page load fast. Especially publishing sites with a large content on a daily basis can benefit from AMP.


    Know the difference – AMP and non-AMP
    AMP pages do not come with a lot of features. You can say they are the stripped down versions of the conventional web pages. They cannot give the complex user experience that the non-AMP sites can provide. When the standard webpage is converted into an AMP page, the readability and loading speed of the page is significantly enhanced. Some of the key differences you will notice between an AMP page and a non-AMP page are here.

    • An AMP page does not allow JAVA script.
    • AMP pages require the web developers to make use of a streamlined CSS version.
    • You must use only the off-the-shelf Java JavaScript library provided by AMP.
    Accelerated Mobile Pages benefits
    Today AMP has seen a widespread implementation due to the host of benefits it provides the users. Here are the far reaching benefits of AMP you will appreciate and your users will find interesting and useful.

    • The first and foremost advantage of AMP is the fast loading time of the given site on mobile devices. AMP is seen to improve the page ranking significantly and impact the SERP quite considerably. Why AMP is increasing in popularity in the first place is the lack of fast internet speeds in many regions.
    • AMP is highly appropriate for content publishing sites since they are static and based on information like news or blogs. Hence those sites that have a number of transactional features cannot be converted into AMP. Search results of these days can reveal you that most of the news websites are actually AMP pages.
    • One of the major advantage of AMP is the possibility to implement analytics into these pages. You will find simple standard tags that will have to be included in the coding in order to keep track analysis of the page.
    • At last, the major advantage of investing in AMP is that it can maximize the chance that the webpage will appear on Google’s news carousal and can enjoy a greater visibility among the audience ensuring more views and more conversions.

    Final note
    It is not an easy task for a web development or Software Development Company to implement AMP for the existing sites. For accommodating AMP it is often necessary for you to maintain two different versions of the site namely the standard HTML version and an AMP version. While using a Content Management System (CMS) for your website, you can implement AMP with the help of some plugins.

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