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Valentines Day


    Valentines Day


    Have you ever seen people making fun memes of single lads. Well the joke always gets me, not because I was single but because I was in relation with somebody but never celebrated V-day. He is always BUSY. Let me remind you he lives within 5 mile  radius of me. Well well well, this V day gets me and question my existence. Dont I deserve somebody worth my affection and attention?

    I had handful of boys in my life but never get to celebrate the day. Of course, I do fool myself and pamper, do the job. This time I thought it will be different with him. I thought to myself wow this will be first time I will be celebrating with an actual human being. The box in my diary will be ticked for the first time. I was flying high enough when he ghosted me. Well he did first and I, like always told, a strong girl didnt question him. It ended before I get to see the light of V day.

    But then who cares I have 364 days where I am not reminded of this day.To all the boys I have ghosted before, Happy Valentines Day.




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