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Waterfront Gourmet Food Catering Services





    Waterfront Gourmet Food Catering Services


    Are you searching for a quality catering service to deliver fresh food for your next event? Since 2014, Waterfront Gourmet has easily been one of Philadelphia’s best cafes. The Philly-style cafe is known for its unique deli delights, which include delicious club sandwiches, wholesome salads, delectable Panini’s, and fresh-roasted coffee.

    Whether you are planning a corporate or private event, Waterfront Gourmet offers premier food catering services for any occasion. Here are some of our guarantees if you choose to select us to cater for your next event.

    We Prepare Fresh Food
    Our number one guarantee is that we always prepare fresh food to serve at one of your events. When you order our catering services, we automatically understand your desire for delicious and wholesome food. When you place your order with us, we instantly begin to cook and prepare your meals so that your delivery is fresh upon arrival. We even pack your delivery in food-preserving containers to ensure freshness and safety upon arrival. Regardless if you require meals for a small gathering or for a corporate luncheon, we guarantee to give you a quality delivery.

    We Have a Variety of Deals
    Waterfront Gourmet takes pride in its excellent service and commitment to its customers and business clients. When you order our food catering services directly, we offer free delivery for your next event. We understand that securing the right caterer can be a stressful task in the event of planning, and we encourage you to stop by and let us know what your catering needs are.

    We Have a Large Menu Selection
    Generally, people are picky eaters. That’s why our menu is full of a wide assortment of delicious choices for you to choose from. Our signature club sandwiches are made with delicious ingredients you are bound to love, such as tuna, turkey, roast beef, and chicken salad. If you are on a diet or prefer a healthy platter, we offer fresh fruit and vegetable trays for any occasion. For those ordering for a large group of people, we offer a variety of choices to accommodate any individual.

    We Have a Diverse Ordering Menu
    While we do offer a large menu for our customers, we also serve consumable delights for any time of the day. Our breakfast menu includes our premium hot coffee, fruit trays, steamed bagels and croissants, and Paninis. Our lunch menu includes tasty options from gourmet sandwiches to hearty salads. We even have a dinner menu for you to choose from that offers classic foods with a unique twist. If you are setting up an event that requires our services, our versatile menu of delicious food gives you the flexibility to serve food during any time of day.

    Overall, Waterfront Gourmet offers the best food catering services for you to choose from. For years, we have provided our clients with fresh, gourmet food and we would love for you to be our next customer. If you want to hire us as the caterer for your next event, feel free to call us at any one of our four locations to make your event a memorable and delicious affair.

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