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Welding Helmets: How to Choose Best Welding Helmet For You




    Welding Helmets: How to Choose Best Welding Helmet For You


    A welding helmet is a vital piece of personal shielding device. It shields your eyes, face, and neck from dangerous infrared and ultraviolet rays. It additionally protects you from particles and warm slag. The right welding helmet can do higher than just protect you from those dangers. In some Moment, the auto darkening welding helmets will let you weld higher.



    Welding helmets are available as fixed-colour or auto-darkening. Fixed-color helmets are inexpensive and offer effective protection. Their lenses are like sunglasses, albeit very dark ones, and stay always shaded—regularly the usage of a #10 lens.

    When you want to put your torch or look into your weld, you flip your helmet up. When you’re ready to resume welding, you decrease your helmet with a short nod.


    Auto-darkening helmets take away the want to turn the helmet between welds. This minimizes the neck stress that may increase while the use of a hard and fast-coloration helmet over several hours. It additionally method you could consciousness all of your interest in controlling your torch and making correct, high-quality welds.

    Choosing a Welding Helmet

    While some established welders prefer constant-color helmets, we normally advise car-darkening welding helmets, that are to be had with a spread of features in any respect fee factors—KMS has auto-darkening helmets for hooked up execs and new welders alike.

    Finding the Right Shade

    Various welding techniques and programs emit unique tiers of mild and radiation. Auto-darkening helmets operate with various sun shades. How does it paintings? You pick a shade at the helmet’s manage pad.

    In increase to variable color selection, a few models additionally have postponed and sensitivity controls that allow you to tailor for your precise venture or to suit the lighting conditions to your workplace.

    Another helpful feature is a grind mode, a setting with much less color. Basically, that improves visibility while grinding welds or doing prep paintings.

    Many auto-darkening welding helmets have replaceable lens covers, each outside and inside the masks. Some can be equipped with a cheater lens, or magnifier, for operators with impaired imaginative and prescient.

    Arc Sensors

    Auto-darkening welding helmets feature as much as four arc sensors. A helmet with extra sensors will provide a higher response, and safety in obstructed or low amp uses.

    Viewing Area and Weight

    With a car-darkening welding helmet, maximum of its weight is from the clear out cartridge. A larger viewing area improves visibility however frequently provides weight. Weight is a prime element in consolation, specifically for experts who wear helmets all day.

    Power Supply

    With auto-darkening welding helmets, every other consideration is strength deliver; Some models are powered by using a replaceable battery; others through a proprietary battery.

    While proprietary batteries have longer runtimes and carrier lives, they may be regularly more high-priced to replace. Also, a few car-darkening helmets use solar power with batteries. Regardless of your selected electricity source, it’s usually a fantastic idea to have spare batteries on hand.

    KMS Tools Has It

    Before you purchase a welding helmet, recollect factors like consolation, visibility, and color range. Think approximately how more functions (like sensitivity and delay controls) ought to help make your work extra efficient and relaxed.

    At KMS Tools, we have a large selection of welding helmets for welders of all abilities, from beginners to seasoned pros. If you need to study more about choosing the proper welding helmet.

    Or test out our online welding department or prevent via your local KMS Tools region. Our welding professionals love setting their information to work, helping welders such as you discover the proper helmet.