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What Is a Sewer Rooter Machine and Other Common Plumbing Questions



    What Is a Sewer Rooter Machine and Other Common Plumbing Questions


    Debris, sludge, grease, sand, and tree roots are the most typical suspects for blocking or clogging your sewer and drain lines. Although there are many professional drain cleaning services available, there is an abundant amount of unscrupulous businesses in the plumbing industry that can leave you questioning if you are hiring them for an unnecessary service. Thankfully, there are plenty of options (like using a Sewer Rooter Machine) you can employ to fix the issue. To help you understand a little more about your choices, here are some answers to some of the most common drain cleaning questions:

    10002 Wide 3" root cutter for use with 5/8" or 3/4" drain cable

    How Can Roots Affect Your Plumbing System?
    Each year tree roots are responsible for millions of clogged sewer lines. While many homeowners believe that cutting down these offending trees will solve the problem, there are actually plenty of ways your sewer pipes and trees can coexist. In most situations, a tree root will penetrate into your sewer lines through a crack in the pipe. While you can de-root your drain lines using sewer cleaning devices like a rooter machine, these offending roots can and will grow back. Therefore, it is essential to understand just because you have cleaned out your sewer line of the problematic debris, doesn’t mean you are in the clear from now on.

    What Is a Sewer Rooter Machine?
    A sewer rooter machine or the general term “rooter” is the name for a type of drain cleaning device created and patented by a West Des Moines native by the name of Samuel Blanc in 1933. He designed the rooter to help clean out sewer drains that had been clogged by tree roots and other debris that back up sewer pipes. While experiencing a clogged drain in his rental apartment with his son, Blanc was compelled to invent the sewer rooter device.

    What Are the Most Common Drains You Need to Clean Out?
    In life, there a wide range of things you cannot avoid. Unfortunately, clogged drains are one of them. While there are several reasons for a drain in your home to clog, the most common cause is because there is something in the drain that shouldn’t be there. However, there are several other causes for drains to clog, and, in many of these circumstances, you may require special plumbing tools (such as a sewer rooter machine) or trained technicians to prevent or clean out these drains. The most common drains needing additional help to unclog them include:

    Garbage Disposal Drains – Many newer homes on the market come equipped with garbage disposals. However, these devices can only do their job when you place the right materials inside of them. Greasy and large items (such as potato peels, grease, or chicken bones) cannot only destroy your garbage disposal but can also back up your drains.

    Main Sewer Line Drains – It may come as a surprise, but many homeowners are unaware they are responsible for the upkeep of the sewer line touching their property. It doesn’t matter if the sewer line connects to the house, is underground, or is several feet away from your home. If any issues with the sewer line arise, then the homeowner associated with the line is responsible for any repairs.

    Washing Machine Drains – When washing clothes one load after another, it can cause a lot of stress to your washing machine drains. Therefore, if you notice any issues with your other drains backing up (or flowing slower) while doing laundry, the washing machine is more than likely the cause of your problems.

    You should keep in mind an occasional clogged drain is natural, but if you notice more frequent issues with your drains, you should look into a professional drain cleaning choice.

    For more answers about drain cleaning, how to operate a sewer rooter machine, or to find out more about sewer and drain cleaning devices, contact the plumbing professionals at Duracable today by calling 515-512-9817. Their helpful and trustworthy experts can address any concerns you may have or help to point you in the right direction on how to fix any issues with your plumbing.

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